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Evolution of GM Connected Vehicles and Technologies The latest recall is due to power steering on some vehicles suddenly cutting out.

2011-2015 Ram truck headlight bulb problems and repair

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Ford F-150 Recall Fire

Around 3 am in the morning, our f150 2001 caught fire scaring the street and nearly burning the neighbors house down . Very traumatizing. Make sure you take your vehicle to a ford dealership and get that taken care of . ASAP

Ford Announces Recall for Rangers With Takata Air Bags


Ford Announces Recall for Rangers With Takata Air Bags

Ford Motor company confirmed on Tuesday that close to 400,000 mid-sized pickup trucks will be recalled for their air bags.
The American automaker added that 391,394 Ford Rangers manufactured between 2004 and 2006 will be a part of a massive recall effort.
The trucks are equipped with air bag inflators made by the Takata Corp.
As part of a growing scandal, the Ford Rangers are some of the 24 million estimated vehicles outfitted with the faulty inflators.
The component can explode with more force than necessary to inflate the air bag, potentially shooting shrapnel throughout the cab


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Latest Audi Recall News


2015 Fiat 500X Cross Plus: Australia’s Auto Sales – Full Year Results – 2015:
Audi Recall
Image by TuRbO_J
Australia’s Top 40 Selling Brands for 2015:

1. Toyota – 206,236 – Up 1.3%
2. Mazda – 114,024 – Up 13.2%
3. GM – Holden – 102,951 – Down 3.0%
4. Hyundai – 102,004 – Up 2.0%
5. Mitsubishi – 71,743 – Up 4.5%
6. Ford – 70,454 – Down 11.6%
7. Nissan – 66,062 – Up 0.1%
8. Volkswagen – 60,225 – Up 9.9%
9. Subaru – 43,600 – Up 7.6%
10. Honda – 40,100 – Up 21.5%

11. Mercedes – 36,374 – Up 14.0%
12. Kia – 33,736 – Up 20.5%
13. BMW – 25,022 – Up 10.1%
14. Jeep – 24,418 – Down 19.7%
15. Audi – 23,088 – Up 20.1%
16. Isuzu – 20,984 – Up 25.8%
17. Suzuki – 19,086 – Up 9.6%
18. Land Rover – 11,885 – Up 17.6%
19. Renault – 11,525 – Up 15.1%
20. Lexus – 8,691 – Up 24.2%

21. Fiat – 5,475 – Down 31.5%
22. Volvo – 4,943 – Up 5.3%
23. Skoda – 4,750 – Up 23.3%
24. Porsche – 4,090 – Up 45.4%
25. Peugeot – 4,000 – Down 9.0%
26. Mini – 3,342 – Up 30.0%
27. Alfa Romeo – 1,577 – Down 36.7%
28. Jaguar – 1,292 – Up 10.7%
29. Tesla (e) – 1,250 New
30. Dodge – 1,184 – Down 23.0%

31. Citroen – 1,106 – Down 15.0%
32. Foton – 1,065 – Up 98.0%
33. SsangYong – 1,000 – Down 22.0%
34. Chrysler – 925 – Down 44.0%
35. LDV – 767 – Up 258.0%
36. Infiniti – 574 – Up 30.0%
37. Maserati – 519 – Up 29.0%
38. Proton – 421 – Down 48.0%
39. Chery – 201 – Down 66.0%
40. Ferrari – 167 – Up 40.0%

Total New Vehicle Market – 1,155,408 Units – Up 3.8% on 2014 tally. 2015 is also a new record year.

Previous best year was in 2013 when 1,136,227 Units were sold.

SUV sales now account for 35.0% of the Australian market, while Passenger Car sales account for 44.0%. Many predict with the continuing growth of SUV’s, sales of SUV’s will overtake traditional Passenger Car sales by 2020.

If you take a closer look at the results, you’ll also see a pattern. Every FCA brand, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, took big hits. Chrysler and Dodge sell one model each, the Chrysler 300 sedan and the Dodge Journey SUV. Fiat and Jeep have been hit with constant recalls and bad servicing reports, which has lead to sales drop, plus pricing has crept up to the point that vehicles like the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X are considered overpriced. Fiat also deleted the Panda and Punto from it’s Australian lineup in 2015.

Also another pattern, what ‘dieselgate’?? It seems it hasn’t effected sales of VAG vehicles in Australia, with Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda, all increasing their sales and all recording record sales! SEAT is the only one missing, but they could be making a return in 2017 if you believe the reports, I have my fingers crossed ……

And another pattern, Chinese brands are all but fading into the sunset in Australia, with only LDV and Foton seeing in action. Great Wall has all but disappeared in Australia, selling only 147 Units and down 95.0% and Chery too is on it’s way out. It’s hard to imagine Great Wall sold 11,000 vehicles in Australia just 3 years ago!!

And yet another pattern, Sime Darby is responsible for the importation of SsangYong, Peugeot and Citroen into Australia and look and behold, they too took big hits when compared to their 2014 sales results. Sime Darby is a Malaysian owned automotive company that has made a mess of these three brands. Citroen is priced higher than Peugeot, yet in Europe and other world markets, it’s the other way round, while starving the Citroen brand of new models. The C4 Catus will only reach Australia in March 2015!! New Zealand has had it since the middle of 2014, I believe.

One more pattern, the down fall of both GM-Holden and Ford in Australia, is a sad sight! Both recorded lower sales results and in Ford’s case, not seen since 1967!!

Out of the Top 10, only Mazda, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Subaru saw record sales, while in the Top 20, Jeep and Suzuki were the only ones not to score record sales.

And a special mention to a brand that I am fond of and that’s Renault. It’s hard to believe that in 2010, the brand only moved 1,778 units in Australia. 5 years later in 2015, they’ve sold 11,525 units! That’s quite a turnaround for the car maker. A pity the same couldn’t be said for Peugeot and Citroen.

Brake flaw prompts Toyota Prius recall Oct 12, 2016

Toyota is recalling 340,000 of its Prius cars due to a problem with its parking brake that can cause accidents.
The cars are the 2016 and 2017 models. The problem can cause the parking brake to fail, increasing the risk that the vehicle could roll away and crash. There are 92,000 of the cars being recalled in the United States, along with 212,000 in Japan and 17,000 in Europe.
Toyota (TM) declined to release information on any accidents, injuries or deaths that may have occurred due to the parking brake problem. But other cars that roll away have been associated with deaths.
Related: Chrysler recalls 1.9 million vehicles over defects linked to three deaths
Fiat Chrysler (FCAM) filed a recall notice in April for 1.1 million cars and SUVs due to a gear selector problem that caused confusion about whether the car was in park. One of the vehicles that was to be included in the recall, the 2015 Grand Cherokee, was owned by actor Anton Yelchin, who was killed when his car rolled down his driveway and pinned him to a brick post.
CNNMoney (New York)
First published October 12, 2016: 11:21 AM ET

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2016 Mazda CX-9 Long-Term Test – Towing

We hook up a pair of trailers to our CX-9 to see how it handles the weight.


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Honda recalls over 2.23 lakh vehicles over faulty air bag issue in India

Honda has announced that it would recall about 2.23 lakh units of the CR-V, Civic, City and Jazz to fix the faulty airbag issue.

The company has stated that the recall is carried out as a part of Honda’s global exercise and there has been no report of untoward incidents so far.

The exercise will cover 13,073 units of the CR-V SUV which was manufactured between 2004-11, 54,290 units of Civic Sedan produced between 2003-2012, 1,40,508 units of its popular sedan City manufactured between 2007 and 2012 and 15,707 units of the carmaker’s premium Hatchback Jazz which was produced between 2009 and 2011.

This replacement will be carried out free of cost at Honda dealerships pan-India in a phased manner, starting October 12, 2015.

Customers can also confirm if their car is a part of the recall by submitting their 17 character alpha-numeric Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the carmaker’s official website.

Over 10.85 lakh vehicles have been recalled by a number of automakers since auto industry body SIAM started a voluntary vehicle recall for safety related issues in India in July 2012.

These automakers include bigwigs such as Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra, Toyota, Ford, Honda and General Motors.

In June 2015, Nissan India had recalled over 12,000 vehicles over engine switch and airbag issues. In May, Honda Cars India had recalled 575 units of CR-V, which were manufactured in 2004, and 10,805 units of Accord that were made between 2003 and 2007 to fix a problem with airbags. Mahindra & Mahindra, on the other hand, recalled its XUV500 in India in April after users complained of alloy wheel breaks.

In March, Maruti Suzuki recalled 19,780 units of Alto 800 and 13,318 units of Alto K10 which were manufactured between December 8 and February 18, 2014, over faulty hand-door latch.

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