Is it surprising that some Tea Party Nut was strapped a bomb to himself over anger at the Discovery Channel?

Environmental Alerts
by pjah73

Question by Vincent Vega: Is it surprising that some Tea Party Nut was strapped a bomb to himself over anger at the Discovery Channel?
Fresh off the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin mouth foamer in Washington, what will be next?

Should PBS go on high alert?
Should they place assign guards to Diane Reem and Bill Moyers?

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Answer by m185
He is a left wing, Asian, individual bent on promoting the reduction of global warming and the forced sterilization of the human race.

There is so far no indication whatsoever he has anything to do with the Tea party…or the Republican party.

Once again, the liberal media must be broadcasting hate messages without doing their research.

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  1. Corrine says:

    There’s always a few bad apples.

    Interesting that the liberals can only focus on those.

  2. JimSock says:

    He was incited to violence by Al Gore’s ‘Inconvienient Truth’.

    I hope Al is ready for all the law suits. If there is one single miss-statement in that movie, he will be sued.

  3. proud vet says:

    He was actually an AL gore global warming nut.

  4. Smells like New Screen Names says:

    What makes him from the tea party?

    I bet he just hates to watch animals doing it.

    the guy didn’t have a chance to not be crazy, name your kid James Jay Lee, it is as if you’re saying “some day you’ll grow up and kill people.”

    edit CNN has it He is a crazy Green thats wants them to stop “encouraging the birth of parasitic humans.”

    edit: James jay lee, might be crazy, still not crazy enough to be the one chinese guy in the Tea Party

  5. kathy_is_a_nurse says:

    Hmmmm! I don’t think you’ll find a Tea Partier demanding that ALL human births be banned… that ALL farming be ceased… That ALL urban sprawl be stopped… Which is what this guy is demanding in his manifesto.

    Guess what, Sparkie… This guy is a KNOWN radical environmentalist.

  6. Tommy says:

    Vincent Vega is scrambling like all Liberals….Come November Come

  7. TAT says:

    CNN is reporting that the guy is of Asian descent. I thought only whites were allowed in the tea party.

  8. jhuss1256 says:

    Get your facts right before you start defaming others! Sounds like it should have been reported that he was a Hawaiian liberal atheist environmentalist

  9. JaneDoe says:

    That is not what has happened here, and no is the answer for your other three questions.

    Lee detailed his beliefs in a manifesto on his website and distributed it to Discovery Channel executives. He demanded that the cable outlet use his manifesto as a source for future programming. Lee also castigated the executives for not producing videos based on Quinn’s and Gore’s warnings.

    Among Lee’s writings:

    < >

    My children received a steady diet of environmentalism in school and daycare. I remember when my daughter tearfully told me “all the polar bears will be dead because of global warming”. She was in kindergarten and her favorite part of zoo visits was watching the polar bears. Yes, she was a child and they are prone to literalism. Sadly, so are many sane adults.

    James Jay Lee bought into the doomsday environmental ideology. His concerns were certainly radical, but they are not unique to him. There is evidence Lee was led to his warped conclusions. It is a relatively short trip from”humans are killing the planet” to “humans must die to save the planet”. o_O