It turns out that it’s not just the economy that is responsible for mortgage foreclosures ? It’s the Lenders and loan servicers and their lust to make a prof…

How tuition fees will effect university students.
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  1. mrturbo2727 says:

    Congress Elijah Cummings: You already know that the process is not and has
    never been fair! You want us to believe that you are clueless and that you
    really don’t know if this is fraud committed by these greedy Wall Street
    backed banks! When will the outright lying stop? When will otherwise good
    tax paying, law abidding citizens stop being prosecuted by the Justice
    Department for their innocent participation in these “liar loans”? I’M
    ASHAME FOR YOU! You are talking out of both sides.

  2. justonefirefly1 says:

    Well Lt’s not forget the Enron that stole retirements, lives. There are so
    many. At least France and the UK are cracking down on their criminals and
    putting their asses in jail where they belong. Who does more damage to
    america – a shoplifter stealing a loaf of bread or one crooked ass
    corporate ppiece of shit that tanks the economy and steal billions? I know
    whosse ass I want in jail and they won’t stop until maybe you bring in the
    death penality.