Eunice Mixon, Reflections on Georgia Politics

ROGP 050. Eunice Mixon interviewed by Bob Short, October 2, 2008. Eunice Lastinger Mixon taught eighth grade science and high school biology, chemistry and p… I think the Republican Party and their cronies on Wall Street could certainly use some “faith-based programs” right now… but t…


  1. letgeorge says:

    Yeah right. People on welfare, that’s my and your tax dollars, could count,
    welfare, food stamps, free school lunches etc as income. What a joke. Bush
    talked and acted just like the idiot he is. He lied about WMD to get us
    into Iraq where he shipped billions and billions of our tax dollars and
    billions of our tax dollars are still going there. What an idiot he is and
    I voted for the Bushes four tiimes. What an idiot I was.

  2. ntn1987 says:

    Liberating a nation from oppression and tyranny is a crime?

  3. Mary L. Grabski says:

    Romney has proclaimed the exact same kind of trickle-down plan, and there
    are fools who will fall for the pretty words they use to twist their
    brains, and they’ll vote AGAINST their own income levels AGAIN!! WHY do
    they not teach anything in school anymore to help people research and
    THINK! Hardly anyone in my community has a pot to P in or a window to throw
    it out, and they vote “Republican”, FOR the billionaires whose legislation
    never benefits these idiots a single bit!

  4. LivingWithUncleRay says:

    This is painful to watch!!!!

  5. Robert Brownlee says:

    This guy breaks down the CRA of 1994. Search Youtube for Community
    Reinvestment Act, and play the video by arkadyka.

  6. JackSchytt says:

    what a piece of turd.

  7. walleyrt69 says:

    I was a hardcore Republican and a Bush man 2 times.I was also a Carpenter
    who is now out of work for maybe EVER.If ANYONE in the Republican party
    thinks that Bush is inocent in this discusting Housing Depression.SEND THEM
    THIS! I remember it well,and Said to myself after this speach,”WHAT THE
    work!Both Parties are Guilty and the Government (FUCKED UP)!!!!!

  8. sod-off tax-dodging gits says:

    Gad-dang SOCILIST! Thank god the Tea Party was there to stop this
    iniquitous redistribution of money!

  9. Robert Brownlee says:

    This is just a piece of a bigger puzzle. The CRA (Community Reinvestment
    Act) of 1994 is where this train really got momentum. “The National
    Homeownership Strategy began in 1994 when Clinton directed HUD Secretary
    Henry Cisneros to come up with a plan, and Cisneros convened what HUD
    called a “historic meeting” of private and public housing-industry
    organizations in August 1994.” ref: Business Week

  10. gxbmb says:

    and the republicans have the gaul to blame obama for the mess we are in

  11. dilbertgeg says:

    if you look up Bush raines subprime, you get vids blaming ONLY Democrats
    and Obama, praising Bush Bush ownership brings you here “I introduced two
    of the leaders today. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They will increase their
    commitment to minority markets by more than 440 BILLION dollars. I want to
    thank Leland and Franklin Raines for that commitment.” Everyone knows that
    Bush did not give a shit about low income people. This was pandering to low
    income advocacy to enrich Wall Street.

  12. YourHumbleServant831 says:

    Homeownership isn’t an ideal in low-income areas and neither is
    sophistication in money matters; they only worry about having enough.
    Clarity in buying a home is a reasonable goal. Outreach from the government
    to bring about homeownership is also a good idea but you can leave it to a
    speculator to ruin it. BTW, all the realtors and brokers that I know are
    democrats and liberals. Hmmm….

  13. rawn4203 says:

    I can think of about 3000 dead people on 911 who would agree with you.

  14. alienofwar says:

    @ntn1987 There are dozens of tyrannical regimes in this world, we can’t
    liberate all of them. The original intent of going into Iraq was the
    immediate threat of WMD’s and the mushroom cloud as a result. We kicked the
    inspectors out before they finished their job. We had little evidence of
    any threat, yet the Bush administration pushed hard for the invasion. Now
    we are 1 trillion dollars in the hole, what did Americans gain from this
    war?? Terrorism is still a daily threat.

  15. Akshay Menon says:

    Man….I wish we could erase his term from American History.

  16. tomster62 says:

    buy a home. even if you can’t afford it. (:

  17. kingbacon says:

    This and the billionaire cuts are 100% to blame for the great recession.
    The country is finished,it will never recover until there are structural

  18. madashelldude says:

    @YosemiteMan Partisan propaganda doesn’t help. wiki “Phil Gramm”..U R
    correct about the 1994 CHANGES to the CRA which caused mergers and
    acquisitions in interstate banking. but the CRA worked just fine for
    decades and it was started in 1977. Under Clinton, while a lot of the
    problems created by the Reagan admin during the S&L nothing really bad
    happened except for not cleaning up Reagan’s mess. Besides: cons voted for
    the Gingrich revolution ie. massive deregulation of the banking sector.

  19. 4lx123 says:

    Republican president from Texas makes it his goal to add 5.5 million
    minority home owners?!?!?!?

  20. panola60 says:

    This man has done more damage to planet earth than any other person in
    history, except for Barack Obama. Where do we find them?

  21. Mary L. Grabski says:

    Republican legislation is written for people who make AT LEAST $250,000
    EACH (NOT per couple) per year! Yet, so many know so little about politics
    and never look up the facts, so they vote FOR the guys who will screw them
    over. WHY??

  22. madashelldude says:

    @YosemiteMan Nonsense. Google Catherine Austin Fitts. this HUD racket
    started under Ronald Reagan’s deregulating of the housing market and
    mortgage lending with the subprime loans. That’s when derivatives were
    invented. google: “Fannie’s Perilous Pursuit of Subprime Loans” or
    “Greenspan February 23, 2004”: “many homeowners might have saved tens of
    thousands of dollars had they held adjustable-rate mortgages rather than
    fixed-rate” user/madashelldude#p/a/82FFE3CA0795EDE7/1/Asuv4Q90U74

  23. petey2u says:

    So basically low income people can’t be financially responsible is what
    your comments are implying. I would NEVER want to be a landlord and have to
    deal with someone who can’t pay their rent. There is no easy way to evict
    them. The problem is that folks who can’t pay their rent get subsidized by
    a landlord who can’t easily evict them or ever recoup their losses. Let
    folks rent from the gov. and when they can’t pay (rather than the banks and
    landlords) let the gov. pay their rent with your taxes