CONFESSIONS OF A STOCK MANIPULATOR – WE DID IT! FANNIE AND FREDDIE – The Plunge Protection Team was behind the phony press release on Friday afternoon that saved the market at the end of the day, and…
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  1. james lee says:

    And you my man are a Socialist Pig. Obama will never take office as he is
    not a naturalized citizen you idiot. Have you not heard that the
    U.S.Supreme court will on the first of December require him to show his
    true Birth Certificate. He will never take office you wait and see.

  2. Stuart W says:

    Understand: the RIGHT to intellectual ability has been short lived if at
    all, ever a RIGHT in america. The privileged to intellectual status and all
    benefits there of are as its always been out of the have-not RIGHT to human
    existence. The aged old, teach a man to fish you get a knowledgeable
    person. feeding him potato chips in front of plasma screen in a superficial
    home is messing with the gifts of consciousness. Apathy, dissonance, and
    fear are in escapable to all. thats how it happened

  3. vlogolution says:

    not a mullet lol i was hoping no one caught that! i made a little mistake
    (got too close) with the green screen for some clips and didn’t have the
    time to redo them or keep trying to tweak them. what you’re seeing is my
    shadow from the lamp

  4. Peter Duffield says:

    Actually, he makes a lot of sense. If you go back and really listen.He’s
    right about everything.We’re stupid.You know what?Our goverment could pay
    every criminal in America a million dollars a year each to “be nice” and
    stay out of trouble.That’s one million every year for every criminal.And
    still, it would cost tax payers billions less than what Paulson,Frank and
    Dodd are costing us.And that’s not facturing in the savings in law
    enforcement and courts and prisons.I’m voting independent.

  5. BOGZASV8MA says:

    @ward1691 its a CATCH22 situation- NO matter what ISM you follow – your
    screwed either way.

  6. isaacnd says:

    You’re a cynical arrogant crazy man. I like that in my friends.

  7. martin bautista says:

    AMERICAN UNION & RFID Chip TRUTH! Must SEE some serious shit!!!

  8. TheMuse says:


  9. godfartedquestionmar says:

    I tried to get Ron Paul in… I even hand wrote letters to voters in Iowa.
    He’s the only one who gets economy right in America. And I’m a liberal…
    Rooting for a REPUBLICAN… Obama isn’t going to put a stop to this mess…
    McCain won’t Vote third party PLEASE. At least someone in Washinton might
    get the message… that not ALL Americans are retarded.

  10. legalizeliberty says:

    4 words google campaign for liberty This is a Revolution! The Victory Can
    Arrive Within Weeks!

  11. jeffmay1 says:

    Oh cry me a river, you’re a little dramatic

  12. zooblastlok87 says:

    i noticed that too but just figured it was part of your “dark” sense of
    humor! lol

  13. emmo says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t stock manipulation a criminal offence? and
    you’re admitting it on video? Dude… do you think that’s wise? I
    sympathise with your viewpoint, but I also think that stock headline
    propoganda can serve a useful purposes when trading!

  14. JackNeedles says:

    I guess you drank too much fluoride.

  15. australianews says:

    They have the same problem more of the same or change to someone that when
    you get down to it dont offer much more. Republicans need to go and that is
    all there is to it. Just like australia howard had to go . I didnt vote
    rudd because i liked him . I dont like him but i didnt have a choice.
    Howards gov was a sack of liars for a long time. Mini neocons my arse . I
    hope that tony abbott never gets power he thinks he can do. then you will
    see a church state christian taliban.

  16. Brandt Hackney says:

    We ran an experiment and predicted 14 of 16 earnings releases and showed
    that Wall St. knew Bernanke’s testimony at least 4.5 hours before it was
    revealed-you can see it being acted on Search Market Manipulation-the Truth
    from Trade Guild

  17. SillyOclock says:

    good stuff.

  18. totapolyandrism says:

    right on great points

  19. breezaybreeze says:


  20. Serrokot says:

    Anti-recessionary measures are directed against market formation of the
    prices. It means the governments in the opened trade against the people and
    the market.

  21. briankofke says:

    There is no such word “FAGGET” in the human language. When you are writing
    something, the words you write, and their accuracy, are all you have. I
    assume you were trying to write the word “Fagot,or faggot, a bundle of
    sticks or twigs…webster dict.” You see, most people that are on the
    current wave of knowledge are quite versed with the ways of the world, and
    others (like yourself) are just poor ignorant fools most of us pity.
    Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.

  22. brrtown says:

    That’s why investors should learn to go long and short the market.

  23. gl0bal74 says:

    the people get screwed while the top 1% get richer….

  24. ward1691 says:

    @josgvis oh ya, you sound like someone with little or no common sense. i
    never heard of anyone working or drawing a paycheck off a poor person, you
    think socialism is the answer you don’t think thier is rich capitalist in
    socialized society, socialist will have so much control over you, you will
    be counting on them for enough money to be able to buy toilet paper that
    they say you can buy, you sound like someone who just sit’s around waiting
    for the next socialized government hand out.

  25. Zwikster says: