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  1. kazooga1234 says:

    im watching the live show so i cant watch this but i can comment

  2. randall petermann says:

    at least it gave some answers in layman’s terms as to how some of this melt
    down is still going on

  3. romanmir01 says:

    @bindlessMoredom It’s critical illness insurance for a reason, not a
    general type health insurance. Divide your needs across narrowly
    specialized solutions, do not expect all solutions to come from a single
    package. Jack of all trades, master of none – that’s what US gov’t (during
    Nixon) has done to US health insurance market.

  4. aaronsande says:

    @MaryJesusJoseph Don’t even bother…LOL =D

  5. Ben Steele says:

    @MpowerdAPE What specifically are you talking about? TYT talks about this
    kind of thing all the time. I don’t know that Cenk has ever interviewed
    this particular guy, but this particular topic is one of Cenk’s favorite

  6. romanmir01 says:

    @aaronsande The world’s complexity depends on ideas of individuals, but
    gov’t adds costs you are making a strange assertion that ‘libertarian
    oversimplifies everything’. Well how about the other way around: you are
    over-complicating things. My business builds very complex distributed
    software solutions without any gov’t help. IBM built computers based on
    ideas that became complicated over time but without that there wouldn’t
    have been internet Phones are very complicated too, your point is?

  7. romanmir01 says:

    @bindlessMoredom I am paying for everything out of pocket here, though I
    don’t live in US. I like it just fine, thanks.

  8. romanmir01 says:

    @aaronsande Computers started privately though IBM did enjoy gov’t monopoly
    on census counting. Still, with computers being produced by a number of
    manufacturers their networking idea was floating in the air, it was only a
    matter of time. Like many ideas are just a matter of time once the correct
    set of discoveries/improvements are made. Just like airplanes and
    helicopters companies started privately, but of-course benefited from huge
    gov’t contracts (always a terrible way to go for economy)

  9. MpowerdAPE says:

    ive been hearing this shit from teabaggers on “LiveLeak” for the past six
    months. better late then never “TYT”.

  10. DeSwiss says:

    @dangerouslytalented Agreed. Far, far worse.

  11. MaryJesusJoseph says:

    @romanmir01 Right–and once we don’t have any regulations we can just sit
    back and watch children die from lead painted toys and we can watch each
    other die from botulism. You’re an idiot.

  12. Textynn says:

    All of this is so sickening and inhumane. These bankers and the WH
    justifying ripping off people with these con games and taking advantage
    makes you have a whole different feeling about people in this country ,
    what they will allow as reasonable, and how stupid we are to let any of
    these people continue on in positions of power. As if we had any choice.

  13. romanmir01 says:

    @aaronsande so is communications. Without gov’t involvement the Internet
    would have started differently but it still would have started, it was
    basically inevitable with all the computing power that was already around –
    networking machines was the next logical step. Sure, money was provided by
    gov’t to people who put together the first network, but so what? This was
    not the case for the phones for example, and they started.

  14. romanmir01 says:

    @aaronsande The same way telegraph started. The same way radio started. The
    same way telephone systems started (well, that market was destroyed by the
    gov’t, just like the electrical grids, because nationalization and the
    created monopoly of AT&T was a terrible disaster). Same way television
    started. Tesla was working on wireless communications much before any gov’t
    Gov’t threw some money at it before the private sector got involved, but it
    was an exception in communications rather than rule

  15. fuck you says:

    When the mortgage sausage was sold to our retirement plans, they knew it
    would crash and bought insurance against it. This is fraud all the way up
    and down. They make more if you default.

  16. Patrick Walker says:

    @aaronsande libertarians live in a dream world. their view is just as
    ignorant as a communist’s view. kudos on your comments 😀

  17. aaronsande says:

    @romanmir01 And, “make the country competitive”. LOL With no government,
    who represents “the country”? Answer: your favorite (not mine) Rich
    Corporate CEOs. No thanks. You’d take us down the road to destruction if
    you had your way. We’d be taken over in a HEARTBEAT by China.

  18. dangerouslytalented says:

    @DeSwiss Actually, this is not a ponzi scheme. This is FAR worse. This is
    like a burglar breaking into your house, taking your stuff, then selling
    your stuff back to you (lending you the money to buy it at an extortionate
    rate) and taking a kickback from the glazier who fixed your window, then
    stealing your stuff again after taking out insurance on your house, and
    then burning down your house.

  19. optionsupdate says:

    pull the curtain back and see its just a frightened old man

  20. theelbowfromthesky says:

    Cenk always delivers

  21. TruthAndMoreTruth says:

    Nobody can legally steal and cheat like American bankers!! Many knew what
    was going on, and some even tried to stand up (and were promptly fired),
    but in the end, nobody stopped it.

  22. romanmir01 says:

    @bindlessMoredom That’s the reason I have critical illness insurance, to
    cover such disasters, what’s your point? I understand the reason to have
    insurance, do you?

  23. aaronsande says:

    @romanmir01 The world is infinitely more complex now than when telephones
    first started, as is the construct of the internet itself. No surprise that
    a libertarian oversimplifies everything. We’re done here, except for my
    other comment.

  24. romanmir01 says:

    @aaronsande I have no idea what you are talking about when you say ‘taken
    over … by China’, but because of the gov’t the economy is ALREADY taken
    over by China, so you are a bit too late, aren’t you? The gov’t created
    monopolies moved the capital out once cheap labor was found. The monopolies
    are created and protected by gov’t, which kills competing new businesses by
    regulations and taxes. Monopolies are economies of scale who benefit from
    massive moves in labor, so thank your gov’t.

  25. DeSwiss says:

    It wasn’t “Ponzi-like” it was in fact a Ponzi scheme from the start. And
    these sub-prime mortgage bonds (CDOs) were not regulated. No one, including
    the SEC, knew what was inside these bonds. Only the sellers and the
    bond-rating agencies knew — and they were both working together to rip all
    of us off. And every damned one of them should be in prison right NOW.