Secretive Sallie Mae Challenged By Students

Join #FOWLERNATION!! College students and the 25 million borrowers holding loans sold or serviced by Sallie Mae scored a major victory …
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  1. Cady Anthony says:

    Time to wake up!! The same people who “own” our government, also own (and
    are) the Department of Education and Sallie Mae (a.k.a big bankers a.k.a.
    ROCKEFELLERS, ROTHSCHILDS , etal) If you think your ” government” is going
    to help you, its not going to happen. Your “government” is governed by the
    same governors who govern (and own) The Federal Reserve (aka big banks) the
    Department of Education and Sallie Mae. It will never happen. Their main
    agenda is to create your never ending debt to them. In this way they intend
    to, and do, own you too.

  2. The Richard Fowler Show says:

    If you think Sallie Mae hurts the American Dream, like this comment!

  3. 46619TAB says:

    My parents married in ’48 and headed into life with a plan to cover costs
    of housing, kids and college. It worked. That said, I look at parents now
    and it seems ‘outdoing the Joneses’ with material things was their only
    plan for life and their kids are left with the debt after college. Don’t
    hate on me, at 59, I KNOW things were different back then but I think we
    were happier.

  4. Shervin Marsh says:

    My student loans are handled by MOHELA in Missouri. They are in deferment,
    and the company has told me in writing that every day in deferment, they
    charge me $8.83. That’s bizarre. Especially since I told them to take my
    loans out of deferment since I had a job. Nope, they’re still in deferment.
    So if I send in a $320 dollar payment, about $265 goes straight into their
    pocket and not toward the principle and interest.

  5. Jeff W says:

    Sallie Mae continues to call me since I can no longer pay their fees, all
    the time. They will do everything they can to extract money from you even
    if you can’t find work. I agree, Sallie Mae is evil and I wish I had known
    that before I signed their damn forms.

  6. The Richard Fowler Show says:

    Jeff W, you are totally right! Sallie Mae is very evil!

  7. Otis L Griffin says:
  8. Otis L Griffin says: