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Army Field Kitchen:

more at http://quickfound.net/links/military_news_and_links.html “FEATURES, TRANSPORT, INSTALLATION AND USE OF UNIT – PROPER COOKING AND SERVING PROCEDURES -…
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  1. Jeff Quitney says:

    Army Field Kitchen: “Cooking Outfit For Small Detachments” 1961 US Army
    Training Film: http://youtu.be/ipaEK4Oe3b4 #Army #cooking #kitchen

  2. Raven Blaze says:

    An MRE would seem like a dream to those guys back then!

  3. John Parker says:

    So glad I was in the Navy, lol. The way they show in the video looks like
    there was a big possibility of getting dirt in the food by having it on the
    ground. Wonder if the guys in the field made tables or platforms to raise
    the units up where it was easier to use? . 

  4. scarabmango says:

    I would rather eat cold food than go through the hassle of carrying,
    assembling and operating this rig.

    Plus, you really have to wonder about the safety of this thing. I’m not
    too keen on cooking with a full can of gasoline. Doesn’t take much of a
    defect or malfunction for things to get ugly in a hurry.

  5. FixedByDoc OffGrid says:

    would love to get one of these kits to add to my setup.

  6. mike gee says:

    Yeah, leaded gas for heating, and dirt on the canned hotdogs and sourkraut!
    Compared to this MREs must be gourmet!

  7. Jeff Quitney says:

    Video: Army Field Kitchen: “Cooking Outfit For Small Detachments” 1961 US
    Army http://youtu.be/ipaEK4Oe3b4 #youtube #video #Army

  8. michaelXXLF says:

    Did they use normal, leaded gas?

  9. kaneda956 says:

    Hate being on KP detail… worse assignment ever… rather be cleaning

  10. reddevilparatrooper says:

    This must be before they invented the MKT which was a mobile kitchen.When I
    was in mech infantry our platoon bought some Coleman stoves which was great
    for Graf in the winter time or heated our food inside the engine of the
    M113s.Making coffee was easy with the Coleman just melt snow and off you go.

  11. Jeff Quitney says:

    Just uploaded something along those lines – search for: Cleaning Mess Gear
    1945 US Navy United States Marine Corps Training Film 1945

  12. KomandantMirko says:

    gotta love the cigarettes in the ration packs

  13. Perktube1 says:

    Some soldier in Afghanistan is eating an MRE watching this and laughing =oP

  14. tommy35750 says:

    how do they wash it all? is there a vid for that?

  15. hohoangel11 says:

    It is weird

  16. websuspect says:

    Just throw it out and recon a new one.

  17. CDR Roofy says:

    looks like immersion heater, kp land in the field

  18. susan wilson says:

    Not sure, this is a 1961 service film.

  19. Perktube1 says:

    yes but it’s twice as long and three times as complicated. =oP

  20. TalksWithDirt says:

    Looks like the makings of a gret PBS cooking show.

  21. Perktube1 says:

    “Seasoning may now be added…” otherwise you get written up.. I love these
    army food type vids.

  22. F1brawfa says:

    yummy : D