Toyota Gas Pedals, Safety Officials and Victims

Toyota Gas Pedals, Safety Officials and Victims – House Oversight Committee – 2010-02-24 – Product 292243-4-DVD – House Committee on Government Reform and Ov…
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  1. vin smack says:

    Thank God, now all the Toyota cars in the US require a brake override
    system. Oh Saudi Arabia as well.

  2. mctrlsys says:

    Thats because it is, like I commented earlier GM uses the exact same part
    that failed on some of their vehicles which is made by a 3rd party
    manufacturer and GM had no problems with their vehicles. It seems to me
    that GM is just following their same pattern as always. You know: Dont make
    better vehicles, sabotage, threaten and lobby the other manufacturers out
    of business. Thats how they work.

  3. mctrlsys says:

    Funny how GM uses the same part that failed but had no issues. I wonder.

  4. talldude123 says:

    Since the early 2000’s, Toyota quality was really gone down the toilet. I
    know that for a fact, I have been a passenger in many Toyota vehicles. I am
    trying to warn many of my fellow friends, seeing as all the taxi’s where I
    live are Toyota Camry Hybrid’s or Corolla’s, which were recalled. Sorry for
    Fe’s loss.

  5. ManyInfiniteComments says:

    Thank you Joan (Former highway administrator), Government has a revolving
    door relationship with corporate businesses. For this matter, many of the
    issues brought up by the public are ignored, overlooked, and swept away
    under the rug. Like all issues, special interests should not be mixed with
    conflict of interests. If a government official has ties to an
    organization, they should be discouraged from participating in committees
    that regulate their actions. An issue too long ignored.

  6. Matthew Forsythe says:

    I have never been a fan of toyota, honda or nissan. Toyota has shown no
    compassion toward its customers on this issue and have tried every back
    handed way to weasel out of fixing this problems. I know they were cleared
    of electronic problems but it seems thats because their computers arent
    showing the problem. There is a problem they just cant figure it out and
    dont really care. I have no interst in their cars and will not ride in one!

  7. Demetrios74 says:

    @Graciedog I don’t understand you guys. If it is not an electronic issue,
    then there is not much to figure out. But, unintended acceleration
    incidents have not disappeared after Toyota’s recall. So, why your Govt
    does not ban Toyota and Lexus cars from US or even start a new probe
    against them? Why journalists does not deal with the subject? Is it because
    they think that Toyota is not a threat for detroit makers anymore? The
    whole story smells like a deliberate fraud against Toyota.

  8. Roxanne Bassett says:

    This would have NEVER happened in the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe!!!

  9. Roxanne Bassett says:

    My friend lost her daughter September 1, 2012 in Yuma, Arizona due to a
    Toyota Carolla that went speeding out of control and hit a tree which
    ignited along with the car. Any car with remote controlled acceleration
    should be outlawed. This is a nightmare in our auto industry and for the
    comsumers world wide.

  10. Jesus Carino says: