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Dangerous Lies Told About Chemical Spill In W. Virginia

The 300000 residents of nine West Virginia counties affected by last Thursday’s chemical spill are slowly starting to get notice that they can turn on their…
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EMF radiation more info

EMF radiation more info

Music Timecodes 0:22 Value taking method + info 1:36 7 things about Phones 5:05 Phone science: SAR 6:10 Phone scienc…
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2012 Fisker Karma Consumer Reports First DrivVIDBeste

Automobile ,Driving, Chevy Corvette,Car 2014 Jaguar F-Type, Toyota 4Runner, Mazda3, cars, car, Most fun to drive, Jaguar , Bentley Flyinggta 5 glitches, GTA …
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Google Drive Start Your Engines

I climb on the soap box again and rail on Apple for taking fresh new lawsuits against Samsung in more ridiculous patent lawsuits. A ton more devices are star…

Commercial Spot 2 (4/23/2012)

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ROY AYERS – Just Happy

MY VIBES gathers 16 upbeat tracks by Roy Ayers. Created on his own label Uno-Melodic throughout the 80s and 90s, the tracks include “Everybody,” “Doing The D…

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President Obama Comments on Strength of ISIS

President Obama Comments on Strength of ISIS
NBC News – President Obama is blaming bad intelligence for the rise of the terror group ISIS. The President says U.S. officials believed they had defeated terrorists in Iraq only to find that they were hiding in Syria – gaining in numbers and power.
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Obama issues Federal Disaster Declaration In West Virginia After Chemical Spill

Obama Federal Disaster for West Virginia Chemical spill. FEMA on the way to save the day…”Prepping is bad”..mmmmmKay. Symptoms sounds like being around FRA…

Karan and Genevieve Ireland speak to the ongoing WV chemical spill crisis that has left 300000 West Virginians with contaminated water and an uncertain future.
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How to Recall On a Longboard

Joey from CFR teaching you a very simple trick called the recall.
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Google, Facebook and Microsoft deny facilitating wide-scale spying

Services provided by Google, Facebook and Microsoft are used by millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Leaked documents show that the NSA spyi…