Dodge Viper T/A – (Snake) One Take

Matt goes for a run in the baddest Viper so far, the T/A version. It’s got 640 HP, a track-focused suspension, super sticky Pirelli Trofeo tires, and a stick. What’s not to like?


  1. dave dunn says:

    They need drop the hellcat engine in that bitch if their charging $100,000
    plus! Why would I pay $100,000 for a slower 2 seater when the hellcat
    charger and challenger is $60,000? 

  2. NoVa Kive | Recon says:

    glad this video is on your page and not drive. im sure this video would be
    30 seconds long lol

  3. SimpleSock says:

    You’ve gotta have fuck you money to drop six figures on a Viper, I had no
    idea they were that expensive.

  4. Harrison Conyers says:

    Matt, will you be getting your hands on the new z06?

  5. Slickpete83 says:

    Where exactly in California is this
    snake road ? Someone please post a Google map link thanks 

  6. Arian Kukaj says:

    I love the smoking tire, but it kinda sucks wen you do these videos and
    dont even show pictures of the exterior. At least do a walk around before
    you get in the car. I wanna see the car.

  7. Andrew Cathcart says:

    Great vid Matt. I know I asked about comparable cars in the podcast with
    the new 100k Aston. But I think your right it isn’t fair to compare them.
    Maybe the C7 z06? I feel like however the people that would buy these cars
    are two totally different markets. I dont think you would buy a viper to
    rule the track. Now, you would be the coolest at the track. Any thoughts? 

  8. dailyforman says:

    i wish you would use more advanced sound recording

  9. TheBillybobsrjr says:

    You should make another video with superspeedersrob where you see who can
    get a ticket first that’s my favorite video on YouTube. And the junker car
    videos were awesome too.

  10. phas3d says:

    The current TA is $15k off, so you are looking at $105k minus anywhere from
    $5k to $10k off depending on dealer and discount. So, you can go out today
    and purchase a brand new TA for less than $99k. Also, im surprised you
    didnt know there are cables behind the rearview mirror to attach a radar
    detector. You aren’t supposed to have one attached using the connector
    like you have it in the video. Just some FYI. Wanted you to get your
    story straight.

  11. joey medendorp says:

    where is the snake located 

  12. David Rubio Martin says:

    is he driving that fast on a public road?? jesus that guy is stupid if it
    is. Why isnt he arrested??

  13. sharkzf6 says:

    Wait till you drive the new ZO6! It will blow your mind it’s so fast. Randy
    Pobst was speechless while driving one recently with an 8-speed auto…and
    that’s rare 😉
    Don’t get me wrong, love the Viper T/A also…

  14. venom5809 says:

    I think your mom should sell the F-Type and get this instead:)

  15. justin bouche says:

    still nothing compared to new C7 Z06 or nismo GTR though. but still manages
    to cut the line between Z06 price and nismo price. 

  16. travis4161 says:

    Might be a stupid question… But did u go to racing school?

  17. Tim Johnson says:

    Driving without shoes is illegal lol

  18. TheSmokingTire says:
  19. mornadu says:

    I hate being that guy, but here it goes. I really don’t appreciate this
    kind of driving on public roads, especially from an adult. Imagine if your
    child was out there. And the “looking for bikes” on the way down bit is
    plain ignorant, i bet you are more reflected than that Matt. Remember that
    you have impact on the younger generation, so either go to a track or make
    sure the road is closed. 

  20. MrNicholg says:

    As much as i like more content, the snake is getting old, there’s plenty of
    nearby roads for these in-car impressions.

  21. GreatToastMigration says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the gorgeous scenery? 

  22. thedon008 says:

    How tall is Matt? I’ve seen him having problems fitting in the f type too,
    and I’m ~1.87 cm, so taller than most. I was thinking of an mx5 or s2000
    and those are obviously smaller cars, so I’m in a pickle regarding what I
    can fit in…

  23. Tim Janda says:

    How tall are you ?

  24. Ben Whittle says:

    V1 representing! P.S. If you haven’t heard about it yet, get the V1C for
    Android and download an app called YaV1….. very daunting at first but
    once you get used to it….. the functionality is insane>

    Thanks for the review!

  25. Rodney Merritts says:

    I’ve seen newer? versions of of the TA with a wing on it, is that an option
    or something they’re adding for next years?