Mortgage Fraud and Addiction – Fraudline

Kawana Melvin and Edward Farley were convicted for repeat offenses … raising the question – Are white collar criminals addicted to crime?
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Twelve members of a single family were charged Thursday with lying to lenders to obtain more than million in mortgage loans while claiming poverty to col…
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  1. JewsOnTelevision says:
  2. Adam Smith says:

    Bail? They’ll be off on aliyah, to Israel before u can say oh vey!

  3. AtheismTheNewGimmick says:

    Kiryas Joel
    Rubin Family Accused of Taking Out $20 Million in Mortgages While
    Collecting Food Stamps 

  4. SETI ROCKWAND says:

    Its always the Black Community getting blamed for food stamp fraud Rubin
    Family Accused of Taking Out $20 Million in…:

  5. swing armer says:

    These silly jews should have got Irene Weisberg Zisblatt to hide the money
    in her bowls.

  6. swing armer says:

    Would have been nice to have violin music playing in the background to get
    some sympathy building in the goyim watching this piece.

  7. Hershi Schur says:

    What a chillul hashem they should be ashamed 

  8. gamer98502 says:

    so who did they piss off?

  9. Blither box says:
  10. PAUL WHALEY says:

    O , but its always the poor Black Mothers cheating on food stamps Rubin
    Family Accused of Taking Out $20 Million in…: