Harvest Time Tracking for Google Apps

See Harvest’s online timesheets in action with Google Apps. Enter and submit time right from Gmail! Learn more about Harvest at http://www.getHarvest.com.
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  1. Stan Bush says:

    Is there a task manager/project manager with Harvest…or is that 3rd party

  2. tfirma says:

    Is it possible to keep track of various projects — such as CLASS for
    quicken — so for example, if I spend 1` hr on project A and 2 hrs on
    project B in a day, I can separate the hours that by project?

  3. harvesthq says:

    @tfirma Yes, you can track time against multiple projects and tasks. Let us
    know if you have any ?s at support [AT] harvestapp [DOT] com, @eltamelta
    contact our support at the above email address and we can square you away

  4. Stan Bush says:

    @harvesthq Thank you. I need a project tool as well. I have tested
    insight.ly, mavenlink, and am testing 360 now. I appreciate your response,
    and will try to test your app as well. I’m looking for a solution by Jan 1.
    I did like your reminders, etc..and running timer.

  5. No google no. says:

    We have a businessplan, but are not able to get the link to work as
    explained in 0:01. It seems to work for everything else though.

  6. harvesthq says:

    @georgiawebs We are a time tracking and invoicing application, but we are
    not a project management tool. We do integrate with Basecamp, which is a
    project management tool. See all of our 3rd party integrations (including
    Basecamp) on our add-ons page – getharvest [DOT] com [FORWARDSLASH] add-ons

  7. harvesthq says:

    @feworks Funny! Nope, but there are many other great ways to get your time
    into Harvest. Our widgets and iPhone app are our most popular!

  8. feworks says:

    Can I use a biometric palm vein reader to send time in time out data to
    this harvest program

  9. Scott Bonagofsky says:

    I like the reminder functionality and the seamless integration with Docs.
    Is this designed for small law firm use? It’s one-third the price of the
    online billing solution we are using now and it’s got some features that we
    don’t currently have.

  10. dpunk21 says:

    @sbonagof Harvest is designed for all service professionals and we have a
    handful of early-adopting lawyers who are finding that Harvest meets their
    needs well. Give the free trial and go and we’re happy to answer any
    questions you may have along the way!

  11. harvesthq says:

    @georgiawebs Sounds good, and feel free to ask us any other questions you
    may have directly at support [AT] harvestapp [DOT] com – thanks, and have
    fun exploring!