Washer Front Load – Loud noise during spin cycle front load Whirlpool, Maytag, Sears GHW9100LW1

Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Washer with some of the following issues: Loud noise during spin cycle At: http://www.appliancevideo.com When doing the repair we ha…
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  1. ApplianceVideo.com says:

    We do show one video on our website that does show the disassembly. 

  2. Denny Allen says:

    All Business Their, I prefer do it yourself vids my self, why have tools in
    the garage if you don’t use them, Just have the wife watch you so when she
    can’t remember how to reassemble the dam thing you’re off the hook, plus
    it’ll be easier carrying it out of the house……lighter in pieces 

  3. greyvswhite says:

    Can you still use the washer or will it completely break or something bad
    will happen?

  4. Fritz Williams says:

    He wants $45.00 for a service call to assess the problem but predicted via
    the phone it could cost $400-$700 to repair because it is a very difficult
    repair. After watching you it did not seem THAT difficult. Thank you!

  5. Pam Harris says:

    ummm how much “should” we be paying for a repair like this?
    not looking to get robbed by a repair man.

  6. Dawn Norcross says:

    Hi. I “diagnosed” my washer this morning and your video just verified my
    suspicions. My washer is 10 years old. How costly would this entire process
    be if I did it vs. if I called a repair man or Sears to do it? Is it even
    worth it?

  7. Fritz Williams says:

    We have this problem. It occurred this morning. Over the phone, our
    regular repairman suggested we simply buy a new machine instead of
    repairing a ten year old machine. Any thoughts? Also, can we use this
    machine on gentle until we repair/replace it? Thank you. This video was a
    tremendous help.

  8. Ra's al Ghul says:

    what has happened to Whirlpool / Maytag? I got a front load Maytag that
    broke down in less than 1 year. yep, bearing! cost too much to repair.
    Whirlpool offers to replace a newer model. my family and my friends are all
    loyal customers of Whirlpool / Maytag products….but not anymore. too much
    problem. sad.

  9. ryk1265 says:

    Wished they showed the disassembly.

  10. tbone116 says:

    I have entire kitchen full of maytag appliances. There complete junk. A
    fifty cent latch in the micro wave door broke and the only fix is to buy a
    new door. Read amazon reviews on there trash. Stay away!