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EMF Visual

EMF Visual simulates human exposure to electromagnetic field in 3D accurately and rapidly within a few hundred meters of the antennas while taking into account their environment. This video…
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This is a demonstration to show the effects of EMF waves before and after ESC. Gadget: Apple iPhone4, with “EMF Meter” app. You can download the app (for iOS) here:…

Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to an Android Phone (Droid X, 2, Pro, Evo, Incredible, Fascinate, G2)

Thought it would be helpful to some if I made a video explaining how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to your Android phone. Like me on Facebook: …

Chrysler Recalling Almost Half A Million SUVs

Chrysler Recalling Almost Half A Million SUVs
Some have questioned whether Chrysler's trade-up to Italian Fiat was a trade-up at all — but after this, those questions should be pretty well settled. Last year, Chrysler issues a recall for 189,000 SUVs in the Dodge Durango and Jeep Cherokee lines …
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Recall issued for Dodge Ram diesel trucks due to fumes
The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a recall for some Dodge Ram diesel trucks following complaints of several owners who've been smelling fumes as they drive. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles says this is not a safety issue but consumer advocates …

Emerging Markets Fund Panel, Jeffries Prime Brokerage Conference

Jeffries Prime Brokerage Spring Manager/Allocator Series, San Francisco May 14 2012 Moderator: David Reidel, Reidel Research Panelists: 1. Dr. Vinay Nair, CEO & CIO, Ada Investments 2. Carlos…
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Home Radiation Protection EMF and RF Prevention Tips Part 1

Cordless Phones Brain Tumors Bluetube Headset …
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A demonstration of my EMF meter, measuring wireless mouse and wireless router fields.

How To Get Your Ex Back- 4 Simple But Powerful Steps

Almost every one has experienced a break up these days. It is one the that we all have in common. The most common way of dealing with this every day, and very painful experience, is to learn to move on with things.

But what if you were one of those people that wanted thier ex back, someone that was willing to put in the extra effort. A smart choice on your part.

Did you know that almost 90% of break ups can be reversed.The only thing that most people are lacking is the knowlege to do so. I am going talk about four points to get you started.

1. Sit down and pinpoint the reason for the breakup. Did you act in a certain way that he did not like, or was their a disagreement between the two of you. Whatever the reason, you need to know in order to fix it. Learning from our mistakes, make us grow. You also need to know, so that when you see him again he, you will act in the right way, as to not make the most common mistakes that people make trying to get an ex back.

2. This is a difficult time for you and you have been on an emotional rollercoaster since the breakup. Do not come across weepy and needy. Try to cheer up and be positive and full of confidence. The last thing your ex wants to see is someone like that. Be happy and playfull. Show everyone that you are full of confidece. When you are positive and shining, you are much more attractive and you have a better chance of catching his attention. It is also a sure way of combatting any negativity between you.

3. There are many so called methods of getting an ex back, and the worst of all is to make him jealous. Whatever you do do not make him jealous. You are sending him a clear message, that it is over between the two of you, and that you want him to do the same. It almost always makes the situation much more complicated. Act cool and calm and know that there are techniques to help you to say and do the right things. Boost his confidence and make him understand that he is the best thing in your life and that no body compares to him. Soon he will realise that you are the one for him and why he fell in love with you in the first place. He might also realise that the small differeces that you have, actually make you into an interesting couple.

4. This is the most crucial step that you have to take. You need to set up a meeting with your ex. There are many ways of going about this very important step. If you really want your ex boyfriend back you can not afford to go to the next get-to gether that the two of you have, unprepared. You have to know how to react, in all the situations that may be pesented to you.

There are great techniques that you can use to help you get your ex back. If you follow the four tips that I have given you you are off to a good start. That is not going to be enough though. You are going to have to learn the techniques that may make your boyfriend think that he made a mistake, and come crawling back to you!

For all the crucial information that you need to make these 4 tips work you can visit the following link. You really owe it to yourself to check it out.

For all the crucial information that you need to make these 4 tips work you can visit the following link. You really owe it to yourself to check it out.

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Governor Bob McDonnell Trial: Photographer: Ashby Paca, Chris Munnings Reporter: Joe St. George

Governor Bob McDonnell trial Richmond, VA. Editing and Videography by Ashby Paca and Chris Munnings Reporting by Joe St. George Featuring: Gov. Bob McDonnell, Bob Holsworth …
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kangaroo Islands Future? Oil Spill Birds Don’t Let Kids Watch

MORE than 200 Kangaroo Island residents rallied on Kingscote jetty yesterday to protest against Bight Petroleum’s plans to start oil exploration west of the island. KI Council Adelaide …
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Ford Motor Announced The Recall Of 144,000 2005-2006 F-150 Trucks

Ford (F) is recalling 363000 F-150 pickup trucks, reports Reuters. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall in North Amer. Ford (F) is recalling 363000 F-150…
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Learn the proper way to say and pronounce the name Chevy Avalanche in English. How to Pronounce Chevy Avalanche 2013 LTZ LT Offroad 4×4 Truck Review Fix Crash Test Drive Recall MPG 2012 …
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