Electrolux Dishwasher BGHD2433KF1 squealing 3

about 30 mins into the wash the dishwasher starts to squeal. Sometimes it will keep going. This unit is only 3 years old.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

The appliance crash and aftermath from Series 9/10.


  1. Steve Berry says:

    a chunk of glass, typically broken and got past your filter into the pump.
    I have this issue after a glass broke in mine. still cleaning it out! 

  2. Robert2Coker says:

    Did you ever figure out what was causing this noise? Mine is doing the
    same thing. 

  3. scattysarah1984 says:

    u gotta admit tho hun it was a good programme and is missed BIG time!

  4. briantwigley says:

    Lol Maybe they were too busy dancing to it or something..!

  5. briantwigley says:

    Well it was a really bad crash scene… Like they never saw that gay
    looking bloke with the tight tshirt before and the massive truck.

  6. scattysarah1984 says:

    Ur not meant 2 ask that hun… its all part of the drama LOL

  7. krazeekaz says:

    The third appliance was from Borough Street (so we don’t really care about
    them lol). They were able to stop in time and avoided the crash, or they
    swerved the other way and avoided the crash… Either way they weren’t
    involved, they were only there to confuse matters!

  8. bbjwilliams says:

    i suppose its just an excuse for new appliances!

  9. johnfoxall15 says:

    have u got the bit where they r called 2 the hospital and its a false alarm
    and the aftermath of the crash

  10. pepsimadd17 says:

    The DVD of series 10 is out in Feb

  11. Landie Man says:

    didnt some lady in a BMW get hit by the dennis because it landed in a

  12. dukeofstradone says:

    @heavyhaulage1 i think skip the aussie got injured and was never seen again
    although it never actually showed it. poison mentions somethin about it
    durin this episode

  13. krazeekaz says:

    There isn’t any more, the rest of the episode is set 3 months later.

  14. martin strickland says:

    what happened to the 3rd appliance ?? there was 3 in the last sceene, didnt
    that one stay and help ??

  15. krazeekaz says:

    You’ve got a point, it would be difficult to miss the Village People in the
    middle of the road…

  16. johnfoxall15 says:

    what have happened on the nd half after the crash

  17. nvfc4life says:

    if i remember right George broke his leg

  18. krazeekaz says:

    What do you mean the rest? That’s it.

  19. scattysarah1984 says:

    I remember the ad for this… “Its Blue watch…” woman replies “What do
    you mean?” commentator for LWT “They’re all dead… Or are they…?”

  20. johnfoxall15 says:

    have u got part 2 of the crash pzl

  21. johnfoxall15 says:

    have u got the full episode of the crash plz

  22. briantwigley says:

    Its just a cheap way of getting rid of the Dennis’

  23. heavyhaulage1 says:

    Dont think any of the crew died, but fuck, that girder was close to recalls

  24. krazeekaz says:

    I’m not sure about “cheap” it was written off.

  25. johnfoxall15 says:

    have u got the next bit where the new pump arrives