Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Door Boot Seal (GE Part # WH08X10036)

Washing Machine Repair - Replacing the Door Boot Seal (GE Part # WH08X10036)

http://www.partselect.com/PS1766023-GE-WH08X10036-Door-Boot-Seal.htm?SourceCode=15 Click here for more information on this part, installation instructions an…
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  1. Lou Kingman says:

    “Easy” as you say in the video, is a subjective term. But we got it done!
    Thank You so much.

    Replacing the control panel turned out to be harder than anything else –
    wouldn’t snap back on the right hand side. The cabinet metal was flexing
    just enough – had to bend a little metal to get the clips to snap, but it
    all went back together finally.

    Thanks for the video. It is clear and concise and saved us the $168 we
    were quoted for labor only.

  2. DyeLooper says:

    Great Video, Thanks. Leak free again……….

  3. soonerjcb says:

    Great instructions, great instructor, great video. Thanks a bunch. 

  4. Justin Bayer says:

    Perfect! Thanks for the walk-though! Just saved myself $200.

  5. 07021953rita says:

    Thought the rubber boot had failed, but found a crack in the water fill
    tube instead. Your video was perfect for fixing our machine for a fraction
    of what a service call would have cost. Thanks for the informative and
    complete video instruction.

  6. Tom McGuire says:

    Just replaced the Door seal Thanks for the help this video was spot on :)

  7. RJ Rollings says:

    Thank you. This made me a hero in my wife’s eyes. Thank you again.

  8. Jose Avila says:

    just finished fixing the my washer. video was very helpful. for you folks
    in canada that bought a GE Washer at home depot with a model #GHDVH670HWW
    the part number is WG04L00489.I bought my part from the folks at Reliable
    Parts. They delivered the next day. Wow. I had a hard time finding this
    part and thought I would post the part number in case it can help anyone.
    the repair went well and I am very happy. thank you

  9. golferoftheday1 says:

    No idea why someone would give this a thumbs down. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  10. Troy Russell says:

    Excellent instructions. You saved me a bunch of money. Washer works like a
    dream and no more mildew smell. 

  11. Katie Lamon says:

    You just saved me from crapping out $2000! Thanks buddy

  12. 88Esthela says:

    ALSO, My door does not shut! My washer model # is: WBVH6240HWW and I
    ordered a gasket with the model # of: WH08X10036… ; ? That was the only
    part I found that was compatible with my washer

  13. Ed Mosch says:

    Great video, it undoubtably saved me some green. Thank You. 

  14. 88Esthela says:

    I cannot get the spring to tighten! (12:50min) can you please elaborate on
    this…I am almost done with this! HELP!

  15. Trina Tenney says:

    hi mine is like this one but my sister over fulled it and a pillow blow
    open in it not it will not work the door locks opens locks opens if i
    hope it works just for a bit then stops how can i fix it tells me F2
    help i am on ssi and can’t pay to much for it is all 

  16. Robert Schwartz says:

    It seems like a bunch of Kenmores(417xxxx) don’t need any of the parts
    removed like these ones. No panel removals or door assembly removal. Put
    video out for theirs.

  17. Trina Tenney says:

    whirlpool duet ht 2008 side door like the ones u show working on not
    sure what the other stuff is will try and find it all

  18. rcheid says:

    Great video, made my repair a breeze! 

  19. ficanada says:

    Thank u so much , very helpful video .

  20. Dale Hubbard says:

    Amazing video. Made the job easy and fast. 

  21. Keith-Sarah Barrett says:

    Following this video made the repair simple. Thank you!

  22. Casey Self says:

    Great stuff! worked very good with no issues!

  23. Amy Husen says:

    My wife and I just did this same repair and your video was really helpful.
    Could not have done it without your video. The only problem we had was the
    dang friction fit on the water inlet pipe. It just kept leaking. We
    finally got it to work but had to remove the door and out seal like three
    times to get it working.

  24. nate kamrath says:

    What an amazing tutorial! The fine details you used to explain this
    process made my repair extremely easy. I’ll definitely tune in to your
    channel for my next repair. Thanks for the help……..