Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Datanet Alerter

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Datanet Alerter for a shout. The pager stores the previous alert in the memory, which you can recall by pressing the button. For my station, one red light is a one…


  1. blacktest says:

    not hearing any sound :/

  2. zamuffenman says:

    The button is used to retrieve the last un-cancelled pager message. The
    button needs to be pressed to cancel the page once it’s paging. In normal
    use, the button just makes a quick beep sound.

  3. zamuffenman says:

    Unfortunately it can only be set my your brigade. All the settings have
    been hard set on the pager and the user cant set/change anything. These
    Datanet Pagers are very good and robust. Never had a moments problem with

  4. Corvid says:

    I know the feeling, someone at work once had a a ring tone almost identical
    to the “Red button” alarm on police airwave radios, nothing but a
    near-lethal dose of caffeine could get my heart going that fast in 5
    seconds flat!

  5. mikeukfirefighter says:

    Bloody hell! My heart missed a beat when it changed tone! Thought my pager
    was going off

  6. gozza114 says:

    bloody pager kept me awake all night at Henley

  7. Ross Graham says:

    Nice thanks anyways!

  8. pyro999maniac says:

    @mikeukfirefighter hahahahaha same mate!

  9. Ross Graham says:

    any idea how to change the tone on these things? we used to have multitones
    in strathclyde but now its datanets.