– How to teardown the Whirlpool Cabrio washer for repairs

This video will show you step-by-step how to teardown the Whirlpool Cabrio washer.


  1. Stacy Hunt says:

    Have you replaced the bearings in the Cabrio WTW7600XW2? If so, how long
    will the machine last after that? Had for 4 years and bearings have gone
    out. Need to know if it’s worth fixing.

  2. Taylore Smith says:

    i still can not figure out how to get the diagnosis to work

  3. Kat Jedziniak says:

    I removed the basket from the mashince to clean tub. there is water in the
    top and bottom sections of the basket plastic. Is this supposed to be

  4. ms767210 says:

    Are these machines built by fisher and paykel or did whirlpool just copy

  5. Rick Cook says:

    how to bypass lid lock whirlpool cabrio

  6. rafael1ed says:

    Should there be water in my tub. How do I get it out?

  7. mike johnson says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  8. ApplianceJunk says:

    Please post repair questions in our forum on our website, thanks.

  9. jimbalio says:

    Excellent video! Thank you so much for demystifying this tempermental
    robot. I am now its master once and forever !!! Don’t you DARE flash an “F”
    code at me, robot !!!

  10. Ryan Losinger says:

    This video saved me so much money! The previous owner of my cabrio wasn’t
    using HE detergent, and it corroded the tub shaft, making it so that the
    basket didn’t ride up and down on it freely, thus creating a false overload
    error. I just pulled the basket out and sanded the shaft down with some
    fine wet dry paper, and it works just fine now!

  11. Ross Owens says:

    these machines are junk not worth repairing.

  12. patrick wallace says:

    PERFECT!!! needed a to fix my washer and this video helped out allot…

  13. appliancerepairtech says:

    I realize this is late but someone else may benefit. Most parts places ie
    Sears will only show the outer basket assembly as the replacement. You can
    buy the bearings parts # W10435302. You will need the bearing tool to seat
    the bearings properly. The part number is W10447783. Enter these numbers in
    Google and you should find a supplier to serve you. Consider your time…
    the basket may be a better option if you have never done this type of work

  14. ApplianceJunk says:

    Glad you found it helpful.

  15. Russell Dysarz says:

    after replacing the shaft and bearings the washing machine when it goes
    from washing or spin to discharge chirps. does not seem to impede the
    machine in any way but still the chirp is there. sounds like it is coming
    from the bottom of the machine

  16. black75powder says:

    @BriMarteen Sorry no.

  17. Danny says:

    This video is great, thanks!! Got a question, the door/lid plastic lock is
    broken on mine. How/where could I order a new plastic lock? Is it easy to

  18. Allen Mccoy says:

    Thanks for the elaborate video. I always wanted to tear this down myself.
    You have simplified the process. Kudos.

  19. Bri Marteen says:

    so if my bearings on the outer tub are going bad can i replace just the
    bearings or do i need to purchase and replace the entire outer tub. The
    parts list doesn’t separate the bearings from tub so you have to order the
    tub to get the bearings . I would prefer to just pull the bearings and find
    replacements on my own, is that possible?

  20. M Rose says:

    Had to add one thing, the video would have been nicer in High Def, at 720
    would great. Again that’s for the video.

  21. ApplianceJunk says:

    @alenmccoy Your welcome

  22. miladan516 says:

    I continue to get UL no matter what I do level readjust clothes can there
    be something broken

  23. Kyle Combs says:


  24. M Rose says:

    This is the most complete Cabrio Video I’ve been able to find. Complete
    tear down, Outstanding. I could hear change rattling around during the
    drain mode, so I removed the basket, and remove the filter, (which is
    nothing more than a cover). I found 4 coins, and one penny was down the
    larger hole. I removed it, reassembled the machine, and did another load of
    cloths. Still have the what sounds like more coins, somewhere. I have to
    check the pumps next. That’s a bit more work. Thanks

  25. Bea Santos says:

    I have a Cabrio from 2007 and everytime I wash, the spin cycle always goes
    crazy, the basket starts spinning and pounding back and forth as if it’s
    going to burst open and then I get a code that shows JL. I’m always going
    in and moving the wet clothes around and I basically have to be standing
    around the washer to make sure it doesn’t keep doing these, but it still
    continues to do this. What can I do to stop this. It;s taking me forever to
    wash clothes. Please let me know. Thank you