Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to an Android Phone (Droid X, 2, Pro, Evo, Incredible, Fascinate, G2)

Thought it would be helpful to some if I made a video explaining how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to your Android phone. Like me on Facebook: …


  1. Eric Goodwin says:

    I’m Going to Try this with my phone cuz the keyboard that pops up on mine
    is got tiny keys 

  2. Anthony Davis says:

    This is what writers at bubblews need because they are often telling me
    they can’t write without misspelling using a touch screen on a cell phone
    so why not let everyone know the benefits of using the bluetooth keyboard
    so that way even texting can be more like typing on a tablet, notebook or
    desktop pc. Especially when writing articles on It’s

  3. Eugene Fishgalov says:

    You don’t need root for it, right?

  4. mechrocktech says:

    @Chris8c8 I don’t think with the method I’m showing. I have done it before,
    but it did not work so well.

  5. Josh Hurvitz says:

    Incompatible with HTC EVO.

  6. mechrocktech says:

    @AntiPrep789 I know there are, I just can’t think of them off the top of my
    head. I can’t guarantee they work though either.

  7. aremera69 says:

    For my phone, lg optimus one, i’m running Android 2.3.3 gingerbread, but no
    option to type the passcode on my phpne shows up, and I cannot conmect to
    the keyboard, all it says is Paired but no connected. Help!!

  8. timtampa says:

    Nice demo, though watching it made my head hurt. Not the tech specs or
    detail, the narrator. I felt like I was listening to someone with the
    education of a sloth. No offense, just made my head hurt.

  9. javasirc says:

    I cant type anything in the text box. It wont read anything from the

  10. velkro16 says:

    Thanks, this video was very useful! I bought the keyboard after watching
    this video, downloaded the app and it works perfectly. I have one question
    though, do you by any chance now how to go “back” using the keyboard? I
    know you can go home using the function key and the left directional key
    but i am trying to find a way to simply go “back” one action. If you could
    help with that would be great.

  11. Jean gravu says:

    Hey pliz could you help me ? the keyboard is paired with my S2 but the
    connection can’t be annable =( i don’t understand I am a new user of
    Android but I don’t understand what happen -_- I installed the app like you
    said but in the bluetouth settings Connection isn’t enable with the
    keyboard thanks for your help

  12. roderic10 says:

    @mechrocktech Hi i have a Samsung galaxy 5 with android 2.2 and it happens
    the same to AboutABC. Have you repair it? Thanks.

  13. myrnawatson says:

    @CounterSteakSauce I will try that and see if it makes a difference. Thanks
    so much for your time!

  14. NacEaf2009 says:

    I have he motorola wireless keyboard and droid incredible… i have tried
    reentering 0000 on the keyboard and striking enter and its still not
    connected… any thoughts?

  15. Mark "The Hammer" Arata says:

    (type 0000 on the keyboard and press enter)

  16. TheTimurbest says:


  17. VinylCyril says:

    Hi! Thanks for the video. Have you tried this keyboard with some remote
    admin applications (to control your PC from your device)? If you did, would
    it recognize special buttons like Alt, Ctrl/CMD, etc?

  18. mechrocktech says:

    @Drcorywilson23 I think I used 0000, but a lot of the time it doesn’t want
    to stay paired. Try restarting your phone.

  19. mechrocktech says:

    @RobertTFrederick I’ve read and saw some other things about other keyboards
    working, but I can’t be for sure what ones. The only problems I’ve been
    having is that sometimes I need to restart my phone to connect, but
    otherwise it should work well. This is only a temporary thing until I can
    get a small laptop.

  20. Chris8c8 says:

    dose the keyboard only work when typing like the i pad or dose it let you
    navigate the internet browser and homescreen too ?

  21. Danielle McGaw says:

    Thanks so much. It didn’t work quite like yours but the app helps and I can
    finally connect!!!

  22. awesomeatreyu987 says:

    wow holy crap motorolas lag

  23. Chris Havens says:

    Thank you

  24. mechrocktech says:

    @timtampa Yeah, sorry about that. I’m trying to speak up more. I have
    always have a tentative voice.

  25. Crna Guja says:

    hey,is it possible to use Apple bluetooth keyboard on any Android phone? (I
    have Samsung Galaxy S)

  26. Cheeseatingjunglista says:

    cant be beat – not many know it -them as do love it!

  27. 420League says:

    very very b I G c H u N e !!!!!!

  28. seant7 says:

    Iysty, Waaht?.. repeat..

  29. Paulo Marques says:

    Massive Dub, CRUCIALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!