Home Radiation Protection EMF and RF Prevention Tips Part 1

Cordless Phones Brain Tumors http://www.emfnews.org/mret-technology-how-it-works.html Bluetube Headset http://www.emfnews.org/headset.html …
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A demonstration of my EMF meter, measuring wireless mouse and wireless router fields.


  1. B Rock says:

    just because its invisible doesn’t mean its safe. I think we’re going to
    find out that cell phones are a lot worse than most anyone ever dreamed. 

  2. lyonel scapino says:


  3. Misty Jones says:


  4. Fufu Foofoos says:

    They forgot to mention use only vacuum earpiece.

  5. fermelakuchi says:

    “….they’re [the children] going to have 60 or 70 years of using them
    [cell phones]….” uhh, sorry, no they won’t, They will be dead!

  6. Frederique Zug says:

    Want to stop smart meter and solar radiation in your home. If you have too
    much solar radiation (sunlight) entering your home, install thick cloth
    curtains. You can now sleep longer and the nosy neighbors can not see what
    you are doing. Too much RF radiation in your home? Place aluminum foil over
    the smart meter and on the inside wall. Grounding works better. Now you
    sleep longer and the nosy power company doesn’t know what you are doing.
    These foil or cloth curtains are your property.

  7. DeathBySamrtMeter says:

    A cell phone is dangerous to 6″ A smart meter is dangerous to 8″

  8. Bruce Anderson says:

    Book To read Interaction Between Electromagnetic Radiation and Toxic Metals
    by Charles Masur, MD …

  9. Tomer Tamarkin says:

    Smart Meters communicate with 902 MHz radio waves over the WAN to the
    utility and at 2.4 GHz ZigBee for the in-home area network. Power is less
    than 1,000 miliwatts, max. Remember radio waves fall off as a 1 over the
    square of the distance from the point source of transmission. Check out
    YouTube for USCL Corp or Google Tomer Tamarkin for the YouTube Channel
    address. See complete 7 part Smart Meter School and learn about magnetism
    and the electromagnetic spectrum.

  10. Evert van Ingen says:

    It’s a Gameboy :3