Governor McDonnell Delivers the Weekly GOP Address

Watch the Governor Deliver the National Weekly Republican Address!

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell was found guilty on 11 counts of corruption (September 04 2014)
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  1. Russell Davis says:

    from discussion on “List of Potential 2012
    Presidential Candidates” “we need a leader wise not tyrannical calm not
    angry and gets along well with others.” “We have a charter lets see who
    follows its law and intent” Who even comes close? Perhaps Gov. McDonnell.
    Chime in with your opinion, Please.

  2. Jean Nichols says:

    Virginians are Very Fortunate to have this Good Man for Governor. obammie
    Deathcare is a Travesty!

  3. abola2121 says:

    This guy reminds me of Bush Senior a little.

  4. Chris West says:

    Love my governor!