Are You Afraid Of Success? Are Your Fears Holding You Back? HMS 79

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  1. Glendon Cameron says:

    Errr no it is not! LOL go here for the 1994 “The State of Storage Auctions
    2011” google it

  2. RubberWilbur says:

    I’ve learned to be in love with the word NO. A lot of people do not realize
    that saying no to things and people means you are saying Yes to yourself,
    your goals, and other things. If you’ve ever noticed how successful
    business men and doctors are a lot of time short with people and some see
    this as rude. They’ve learn in order to be where they are and to get
    through school they’ve had to be NO people. They’re not rude. They’ve had
    to become that way for the greater good.

  3. TREVOR hart says:

    Great video! You driving a BMW?

  4. Morrocanprincess says:

    I’m looking for a good camera to film my online vegetarian cooking classes,
    the quality of this video is very good. What camera are you using?

  5. Glendon Cameron says:

    It is a iphone 5, rear camera is 1080 and from camera is 720, good luck
    with those cooking classes, that is a hot topic online!

  6. SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

    Wait a minute. for some reason the only thing that stood out in my mind for
    this whole video was when you said you were a “Scrub” but yet you didn’t
    ask people for shit… THAT’S ME! LOL I hate that feeling of owing people
    something. I don’t ask people for NOTHING! Because then they own you
    basically. And I always felt obligated to do something that person asked,
    even if I didn’t want to do it, just because I borrowed or asked them for
    something. FUCK THAT! LOL Fuck asking I just go without…

  7. sinomaticmedia says:

    thats the name of the game unless u have a few million comin in every year

  8. Lauras G says:

    thats not 1994 bmw is it?

  9. Morrocanprincess says:

    Thanks Glendon, I am taking action & your encouragement means a lot =)

  10. wallacia lindsey says:


  11. Truck Driver 101 says:

    Signs of a dying US Empire