City Councillors try to understand SMART Water Meter refusal

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as part of outstanding Agenda 21 New World Order compliance the City of Toronto is undertaking a major ‘modernization’ of the water program having everyone’s old water…
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  1. Reasoning Conspiracy says:

    City of Toronto residents refusing SMART Water Meters reasons include –
    Accuracy in the WiFi remote readings – Health implications from WiFi –
    threatened by heavy-handed installers (Neptune)

  2. DianeDi says:

    Final thought — stop dumping hydrofluorsilic acid into the water supply
    and the City of Toronto will save $1.9 MILLION dollars per year, not to
    mention the ecologic and human health issues.

  3. c02Pirate says:

    What’s so hard to understand – people DO NOT WANT to be controlled by OR
    dictated to by utility companies OR the Government.
    They DO NOT WANT higher utility costs.
    They DO NOT WANT to be spied on.
    They DO NOT WANT their private data sold to anyone.
    They DO NOT WANT potentially dangerous type 2b carcinogens on THEIR

    There is absolutely NO benefit for users (in fact there is only down side)
    the only ones to benefit from smart meters are utility companies.

    I’ve never heard such BULLSHIT by such ignorant MORONS in my life….

  4. DianeDi says:

    Based on the length of this video discussion regarding waiving an $80. fee
    for first time forgiveness, and no doubt the many ongoing discussions to
    come on this issue, the money spent on the collective wages of these
    Councillors would have put a major dent in offsetting any reading costs. 

  5. DianeDi says:

    These corporations have spent more money on this program of smart
    technology, through hardware, propaganda media education and continual
    harassment of citizens. I’d bet that all this money spent, combined,
    would not equal the so called cost savings of *exact* water consumption.
    Give me a break!
    This is all part and parcel of the Agenda 21 United Nations Program.
    Anyone that has spent any honest time doing their own due diligence can see
    what is going on here.

    Don’t pay them ANY fee — don’t let them intimidate you with fear of non
    compliance, and do not let them install a new water meter in your home.

    BTW – from my first hand experience — these meter reading *cards* are sent
    out in North York, as he mentioned, in January, due back mid February —-
    SNOWBIRDS aren’t home in January/February and believe me, there are a lot
    of them in North York. Why not simply change your reading dates to May and
    September ???? Think about that concept.

    Final thoughts — if you are interested in saving money from deteriorated
    water mains throughout the city of TORONTO and surrounding GTA – consider
    the elimination of the water fluoridation program…. the addition of the
    toxic waste *hydrofluorosilicacid* is promoting extremely poor health,
    from cancer to thyroid dysfunction.
    Toronto would save *1.9 Million Dollars* each year for the halt of this
    program alone.

  6. rayon hylton says:

    I work directly with this program and people need to stop being difficult,
    we are trying to help the city.