Samsung Galaxy S4 Device Overview

No wonder there was such hullabaloo around its press conference in New York City last night. The company is, in many ways, reaching a real milestone, not just one according to its communication…

BBC Panorama - Wi-Fi - A Warning Signal 3

Part 3 of 3. “Precautionary approach In 2000, Sir William Stewart, now chairman of the Health Protection Agency, headed the government’s inquiry into the safety of mobile phone masts…


  1. usellcom says:

    Was that not the same attitude as the cigarette companies had about
    cigarettes causing cancer. Same thing just a different day the big
    companies rule and the little ppl get sick and die while they make the
    money. The military knows what affects EMF and ELF microwaves has on human
    health, we did experminents in the military and controlled ppl mind via the
    microwaves or EMF waves. The scientist who push these lies are all
    criminals in my mind.

  2. theCosmicQueen says:

    finally the WHO has changed its mind. now they are admitting publicly that
    there is a risk of detrimental health effects.

  3. TalentUnTapped says:

    Scientist who say that wifi or any wireless technology is safe should be
    held criminally responsible.