Maintaining God’s Purpose

As seen on “The Word Network” on 05/21/2013 Bishop Wendell Archie Refuge Temple Ministries Houston TX.


  1. RTM, Inc. says:

    Thank you all for your continued support and love for the unadulterated
    Word of God. Keep us in your prayers as we continue our quest to preach the
    message of deliverance to every nation.

  2. Kesha Turner says:

    Amen Bishop!!

  3. Ifemezue Uma says:

    Ultimately, making heaven is all that matters. God help us.

  4. clinton tates says:

    Bishop preach that Gospel MANN!!!

  5. Erin Jones says:

    Me too!!!

  6. Brenda Norwood says:

    This is as real as it get. AMEN!!!!!!

  7. Evangelist Deborah Todd says:

    I love this preacher!!!!

  8. Erin Jones says:


  9. Pinecka Broussard says:

    Preach Bishop!