The Enemy of My Enemy is NOT My Friend

Alex covers the continuing IRS controversy, the arming of Al Qaeda connected Syrian Rebels by the UN and US government and the possible new laws concerning federal licensing of Journalists….


  1. JAMES LANNOM says:
  2. Robert Campbell sr. says:

    The Enemy of My Enemy is NOT My Friend…

  3. Janet Stpe says:
  4. Dangerman5 says:

    Bill Oreally just used you as an example of hate speech in his intro.

  5. cbasallie says:

    In a broadcast which Jewish Adam Kokesh put out on May 21,2012 called (Hoe
    A Libertarian Should Interpret the Constitution) he said the U.S.
    Constitution IS an ANTI-FREEDOM document and a Leviathan which brought
    about all of today’s evils. Plz watch it. Then decide why he’s a “friend”
    of Constitutional Americans.

  6. David Dowd says:

    You people sit here and complain of others and the faults instead of
    working on your own. Its no wonder our future, sorry our kids futures are
    gonna be dammed. we must sit back and think before we act. IF YOU DON’T

  7. Mathias Sanddorf says:

    Antisemitism, Antisemitism everywhere

  8. David Dowd says:

    insurrection is the most sacred of rights and the most indispensible of
    duties (Marquis de La Fayette)

  9. HelpSaveWhiteRace says:

    Jews (Race/Ethnicity) Communism Startpage thezog.wordpress

  10. karimberdi says:

    Alex Jones is a big, fat, chunky, lying piece of dogshit. He lies and then
    he lies some more. No honor whatsoever.

  11. imsuckingwind says:

    Putin as of late has come out against Monsanto,Hes got more guts than the
    leaders in the rest of the world.

  12. mamkoran says:

    Israel is on wrong side the west as well Hosea 8 It will be broken in
    pieces, that calf of Samaria. 7 “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.
    The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour. Were it to yield grain,
    foreigners would swallow it up. 8 Israel is swallowed up; now she is among
    the nations like something no one wants. 9 For they have gone up to Assyria
    (SUNNIS) like a wild donkey wandering alone. Ephraim (ISRAEL) has sold
    herself to lovers.

  13. ya0boi0abdula says:

    Yo Alex , why don’t you give Muslims some love too ?? You always talk about
    Christians and Jews … You know Islam is unstoppable

  14. kreqlo84 says:

    You cannot curse what the Lord has blessed

  15. theoldboyy says:

    just nuke everybody. GOV is GOD

  16. krome411 says:

    waffle waffle waffle

  17. threewheelneal says:

    I just recently remembered the whole human cloning debates awhile back and
    havent heard anything regarding the topic since then… I realize they
    kinda ruled it immoral and illegal, but everyone at the time pretty much
    assumed it was gonna happen anyway. If they started cloning humans anyway ,
    how old would these clones be by now?? 10 ish ??… Just a thought

  18. crypter27 says:

    Liberals trying to destroy the free press,thats un-American damm it!

  19. Cyberat Rodent says:

    Why is the truth always have to be buried under somebody’s agenda ???

  20. Erin Drake says:

    Why does anyone care about what kinda wood a guitar is made
    of!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like we’re ran by schizophrenics.

  21. yazooize says:

    I love you.VIVAV LA RAZA. 1) WHITE skin Rome DESTROYED biblical antiquity
    black skin Jerusalem – the war continues. 2) The hidden ones, black hebrews
    are being reveal ( Know the truth ) 3) Youtude- Kaduri Yitzhak’s last note
    ) know the truth (1619-2019).Genesis15:13,14.

  22. John Roman says:

    Did not our Lord Jesus tell us in Luke 21:36 to watch & pray that we may (
    ESCAPE ) the horrors of THE GREAT TRIBULATION. So if that makes me an
    Escapist I am so Happy to be one & you should be to. One thing I know
    Houdini had nothing over me :). MARANATHA….. If not today,tomorrow. If
    not this week then next. If not this month then we will look for His
    Appearing next month & so forth b/c He is Faithful that has Promise
    [Hebrews. 11:11b]

  23. fuck all you sheep says:

    fuck you. are you retarded?

  24. HelpSaveWhiteRace says:

    We are not “there” own people. We are just the Gentiles. That’s why they
    are willing to imprison and Nuke us.

  25. horsefaceemily says:

    So your jewboy are you, go fuck your self troll LOL 🙂 You little shit
    dont try fool us here we know your agenda FIRSTLY discredit Alex for the
    NWO jews and thay are fucking evil secondly your TROLLING THE VID DICK HEAD
    lol we all knoe who`s behind all this shitty wars the jews so trying to
    stick up for them you fail every body here knows wot there like greedy
    nasty robbing people who are trying to take over the world.well just hope
    you get the gyns in or it might back fire on you shit head LOL