Did Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Break the Law?

Did Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Break the Law?
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FULL INTERVIEW: Attorney on Bob McDonnell sentencing

Norfolk Attorney Andrew Sacks, who represented the Bank of the Commonwealth’s former CEO Ed Woodard in his bank fraud trial, spoke to WAVY News about Tuesday’s sentencing for former Virginia.


  1. thinkagainst says:


  2. Robert Bell says:

    Never mind the fact that VA law is so lame there are no limits on
    gifts…accepting 160k in gifts is unethical for a Gov. official….he’s
    the first let’s start going after corrupt folks up on the hill too. Let
    this be a lesson to crooked politicians at all levels of Govt! We the
    people are tired of it!

  3. Robert Wood says:

    2 law books and 2 war books in the backround, God bless the world wears
    your bible buddy,, leave it on the bus..