Volkswagen Australia Defective DSG Recall

This is the frankly appalling story of Volkswagen Australia’s perverse reluctance to assist hundreds of customers plagued by DSG transmission power loss problems, and the unlikely turn of events…


  1. Ainars Čuba says:

    In August 2008, Volkswagen Group began construction of its most modern
    transmission plant in the world in Dalian in China’s northeast. Almost 17
    months later, in January 2010, series production for the DSG® DQ200
    Direct-Shift Gearbox started at Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Dalian)
    Co. Ltd. In 2011, annual production output has already reached 350,000
    transmissions, and the second expansion phase for a capacity of
    approximately 600,000 transmissions is scheduled for 2012. It was a
    masterful performance of Volkswagen project management—and a challenge for
    globally operating suppliers such as HOERBIGER.

  2. omarmelsemary says:

    What about the normal transmission like the golf/jetta/passat 2008 the
    normal steptronic… Is there any problems with it??
    Did they even fix the problem in the DSG yet?

  3. Marc Cotterell says:

    I have this exact problem wiry my 2013 jetta. Volkswagen have had my car in
    for repair 5 times totaling 6 weeks. My car stalls out & looses all power
    or looses power while excelerating. I have videos of it & Volkswagen dealer
    & corporate keep telling me they can’t do anything to fix it. They admit it
    has issue but won’t do anything to help. I told them I fear for my life &
    my children yet they tell me nothing is wrong & are not prepared to do a
    repair or replacd my 1 year old car. I’m sure as soon as someone dies.
    something might change here in the USA. Until then drive with fear. 

  4. Tomadair1 says:

    Thank you ,for saving me and my hard earned cash from this psychopathic
    bullshit from vw.

  5. Michael McRitchie says:

    really . pull this segment. The court said the person was on the mobile
    phone. You do more destroying than building so please get your facts

  6. b9625bb says:

    does my car effect with this dsg recall?
    my car is passat tdi 2012 sedan thanks

  7. ballbeam says:

    Had my mind sort of set on an Audi (not even with a DSG but with a manual)
    but now I don’t want anything from the VW regime.
    Is there any ethical car company, to the extent such a thing is possible?
    I’m thinking japanese or south korean – Mazda, Toyota, Kia/Hyundai…

  8. Seif El Margoushy says:

    What about the Seat Leon 2014? Does it share the same problems of the Golf?
    I think it is based on the Golf +AutoExpertTV 

  9. Michael Jurisic says:

    I test drove 3 Mk7 Golf GTi cars in the same day, one after each other. All
    three failed during the test drive. 1st one with less than 30km on the
    odometer, lost power on the M7. 2nd one with 800 odd km on the odometer,
    jerked so hard on take off the headrest hit me in the back of the head and
    almost knocked me out, the 3rd caught fire in the sales yard when started

  10. Jono Adamou says:

    My sister owns a 2006 VW Jetta FSI with a DSG box… After news of the
    recall last year, we went to a local dealership and they rejected us
    because the supposed recall was for “2007 models and onwards”..

    After numerous other problems and the dealership refusing to help us other
    than charging over $8000 for a new gearbox, we are finally getting rid of
    the car after only 2 years of ownership. Never recommending a VW to anyone
    again, which is a shame because the Golf R seems like an absolute weapon of
    a car…

    Great videos John, you’ve definitely secured another subscriber mate!

  11. TheSPazCORE says:

    33 people own a Volkswagen Lemon…

  12. Wing Ho says:

    I have a VW , 1970 Beetle very original very solid can be a daily driver in
    todays traffic 2015, had been in display in VW showroom in Australia with
    new VWs for one yr. And sadly this is the only VW worth buying.
    I live near an official VW service centre in Hong Kong , I took the public
    transport to work, and quite often as the bus or tram I am in passed the
    centre, I noticed relatively new VW being bought to the centre( with
    current licence plate) in flatbeds.
    So I told myself never to touch new VWs!!!

  13. MrStoneycool69 says:

    I bet if these gearboxes where made in Germany they wouldn’t be having
    these problems today. That’s what happens when you subcontract components
    to 3rd world shit holes.

  14. Ainars Čuba says:

    DSG gearbox is not bild in Japan?

  15. vinod jain says:

    My friend had his vento injectors all four fail within 30 months. Though
    volkswagon knew there is a problem with injectors don’t bother to recall
    the same. Now after warranty lapsed slapped we with a bill of INR 1.5 lakh
    (2800$) and the icing on cake is he has already been warned to keep another
    same amount ready for another part failure!!!

  16. Dan Elseman says:

    Before you keep on BSing the merits of Mazda you might want to watch this
    video. I watched your comparison of the Audi Q3 vs the Mazda with the Mazda
    coming out on top. I live in Southern California and I can assure you that
    if you live here and are looking at an Audi you are never going to look at
    I enjoyed your comments and on the surface they make sense but in the end
    one has to ask: Who the fuck wants to drive a Mazda?
    2014 Mazda 3 vs VW Golf Comparison Review

  17. Byron Nightingale says:

    What I would like to see is these corporate bludgers on EU subsidies die at
    the hands of economic reality, typical European shitbox that get’s its arse
    kicked by Japanese and of recent South Korean competitors.

    I have no time for car companies that say they need my taxes to keep their
    jalopy operations going, I say go to hell, You can’t make a safe, reliable
    dependable car off your own bat, I am not interested, piss off.

    Europe cannot match Japanese and Korean carmakers let alone surpass them,
    even most European cars over $100,000 are no real contender for the
    reliability, value and long term ownership proposition many lower cost
    Japanese and even some Korean vehicles vehicles can just walk into with

    Thank God these monsters never got a cent out me for their shit Audi A6, a
    shitbox like no other.

  18. lisacl85 says:

    Can you please report on the same issues with the Ford Focus and Fiestas.
    We are all going round in circles with no end in site!!

  19. Jason Carpp says:

    This story of Volkswagen denying that there’s a problem with their cars
    reminds me of this British comedy series “How to Irritate People.” In it,
    Graham Chapman (of Monty Python fame) is a customer who brings a car into a
    repair shop to have the dealer repair some problems with the car. The car
    salesman, played by Michael Palin (also of Monty Python fame), refuses to
    accept that there’s a problem with the car, despite obvious evidence to the
    contrary, the car literally falls apart in front of them. If you’ve never
    seen the video, check it out on YouTube. It’s hilarious, but also
    frustrating as hell. Even when he realises something is wrong with the car,
    he walks away, as if to go to lunch or something, not doing a damn thing to
    repair the problem. Although the skit is 40 yrs old, it’s still just as
    relevant today. Sounds like Volkswagen is doing the same thing today:
    denying that there’s a problem and blaming the problem on the driver of the
    car, and then attempting to walk away from the problem. Thanks a *bloody*
    lot, VolksWagen. With all the recalls to the cars, I would think that
    Volkswagen would finally admit there’s a problem and repair it. Or better
    yet, build a better, more reliable drivetrain. 

  20. BrionyDavid says:

    Videos like this are fantastic. Real journalism. Proper information so we,
    all of us, can make proper choices without being continually ripped off and
    fucked over.
    Good work fella, keep it up.

  21. aliaslash33 says:

    This is why you should just buy a standard 

  22. John McKinnon Jr says:

    What can I do here in the US, CA, with my 2007 VW?
    Volkswagen Defective DSG Recall

  23. ZOOFLEET says:

    Utterly Disgraceful VW

  24. THEAC83 says:

    I have only ever owned Japanese cars after my first car – a Holden VP
    Calais (absolute rubbish).
    I have never had a problem with any Japanese car and last Thursday I picked
    up my brand new Mazda 3 SP25 Astina (the Golf wishes it could be as good).
    John, your videos are the greatest and I am hanging for your next one!
    Keep up your amazing work!!