Kilowatt Meter Overview

The kilowatt meter is a simple piece of equipment to use. The kilowatt meter, when used correctly, serves as a midpoint between the open circuit, usually an outlet, and the appliance. There are different makes and models of these meters. A distribution may be used to test the power consumption of appliances in the home, while others are used for testing industrial and state-of-the-art equipment. The meter will have either a digital face or analog face with buttons allowing the user to switch between different modes and functions. The major function of the meter is to determine the amount of electricity an appliance is using.

The cost of the meter starts around $ 25. A report from the U.S. Department of Energy declares that 20% of electric bills are due to appliances that are not unplugged, and turned off. This means that some appliances, while turned off, still consume electricity. It is suggested that a meter be stored in the home to test appliances accordingly. The results from these tests weigh in heavily on energy costs and savings. Most devices will give the calculated voltage, line frequency, current and power factor.

Here’s how to use the device as a power monitor. Understand the basic functions of the device itself. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the device packaging. Select the target appliance in the home. Unplug the appliance. With the device in hand, appropriately plug the appliance into the device. Next, plug the device into the wall outlet or power source. The settings for the device may or may not be accurately set as out-of-the-box-ready; therefore, some adjustments will be necessary.

After the adjustments have been made, observe the device. In a power-off state, some appliances will still absorb energy. These are the appliances that need to be targeted. In rare cases, this could be due to a short in the wiring of the appliance, or just simply bad design. In any case, when it costs energy and money to use this appliance, the best option is to replace it with a more green-energy compliant device. Use this approach for each appliance using the device as a power monitor.

These power devices are made to accurately detail the usage of energy by any capable appliance. These devices are a necessary component to determine the amount of electricity that is being consumed by a single appliance. The device also puts into question the safety of an appliance. If the appliance uses energy in a powered off state, then the appliance is faulty and should be returned or replaced by the consumer.

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