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U.S. regulators failed to spot deadly GM defects that others saw
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Takata airbag recall Chrysler, Ford, Mustang, GM, BMW, Honda, Toyota.

Airbags recalled on both import and domestic vehicles are at risk to … well kill you.

You can find out more by following the links below:

Affected brands are, Chrysler, GM, Pontiac, Ford, Lancer, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Subaru to name a few as well as BMW and SAAB.

This video is an overview, please share the link below to the info-graphic about affected cars – stay safe and we hope this information helps to save lives!

1) Our info-graphic

2) Transport canada full list of cars and details

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Usage of Moisture Meters and Their Features

We pioneer the most accurate and wide range of products that are suitable to a variety of applications. These products are manufactured under the guidelines lay down by QC agency. Moisture meters are one such example that is manufactured across India catering to a variety of industries. Not only this, moisture meters are even supplied to several governmental and public sector organizations.

Moisture meters are equipments that are used to detect the actual amount of moisture level in a product. As the amount of moisture increases, the probability of its existence becomes less.  Similar is the case with wood, coffee, tea, pepper, flour and many more. As the moisture level in them rises, they tend to lose their sustainability factor.

 Moisture meters can be of different types. For instance grain moisture meters, seed moisture meters, Red Pepper Moisture Meters, tobacco moisture meters, flour moisture meters, wood moisture meters, soil moisture meters and hay moisture meters. These equipments are user friendly, have a large display and high accuracy, long lasting battery and have an automatic control over the uniformity of temperature.

Other than the above mentioned description, grain moisture meter can be used to measure the level of moisture for different types of grains. These grains can be soybean, red bean, mung bean pea nut, sesame and wheat. Grain moisture meter works on the principle of measuring electrical conductivity of a given material having a fixed relation with moisture content of a given material which is measured using superior state technology and displayed on the screen.

Most of these moisture meters work more or less on similar operating principles. Seed Moisture Meter is used to determine moisture range for seeds like melon seed, water melon, reddish seed, cabbage seed, and pumpkin seed. The purpose for moisture mixture equipment is alike the only thing that varies is its usage.

Red pepper moisture meter is specifically used to ascertain moisture content in various types of red pepper. Each and every function present in this equipment is automatic be it temperature correction or displaying of results. Similar to seed moisture equipment, even red pepper moisture is used for monitoring level of moisture in melon seeds, water melon, reddish seed, cabbage seed, and pumpkin seed.

As the name suggests tobacco moisture meters are used to find out the moisture content in different types of tobacco leaves. The machine does not weigh too much and posses a normal 1.5 volt battery.

Unlike the other moisture machines stated above, flour moisture meter is used to check the moisture content in flour accurately and quickly, and whenever the battery fades away, it shows a sign of battery replacement. It weighs around 1kg and has a fair accuracy of 0.5%

Wood moisture meters are distinctively used to determine the amount of moisture content in a wood. This is because as the moisture content rises, it damages the product. So it is very important to measure the amount of moisture in a product, to avoid further complications.

Materials like wood, flour, tea, pepper, seed, and tobacco have their respective moisture meters to determine the amount of moisture in a material. Similarly soil and clay even have their own respective machines to determine moisture content. This soil moisture meter is in a great demand in various research stations, agricultural universities, cold storage and various agro based industries.

Hay moisture meters are specifically designed to determine the amount of moisture in hay. The device weighs up to 900 grams combined with a large liquid crystal display and a long lasting battery. 

Acmas Technocracy is a leading manufacturer and Supplier of laboratories equipments in india such as Automatic Autoclave ,Industrial Ice Flake Machine.For any Queryplease Mail us at or Logon to

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Will Honda (HMC) Stock be Affected by Massive Air Bag Recall?

Will Honda (HMC) Stock be Affected by Massive Air Bag Recall?
NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Honda Motor (HMC – Get Report) said on Thursday that it is planning to recall 5 million cars in order to replace potentially fatal air bags made by Japan's Takata Corp. and the recall could impact the automotive maker's sales in …

Earnings Review: Renewed Quality Focus Boosts Honda's Profits
The currency effect would have been even more pronounced if Honda did not have to also take in the additional expenses related to the recall of cars equipped with faulty Takata airbags. Although Honda does not break out numbers for specific expenses, …
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Honda recalls 170000 more vehicles over exploding airbags
This is now Honda's tenth recall related to the airbag issue, affecting more than six million cars worldwide. The faulty airbags were manufactured by Takata Corp., a Japan-based company. Humidity appears to be a contributing cause to some of the …
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General Motors slow to recall Saturn Ions with steering problem

General Motors slow to recall Saturn Ions with steering problem
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Create the Perfect Look with Flamerite Corello Fires

The fireplace has traditionally been the heart of any room. Even in these modern times of central heating many people still enjoy the look and feel of a fireplace. With Flamerite Corello fires you can enjoy stunning designs that can create the perfect look in both traditional and modern homes.

Stunning Finishes

You can lots of choice when it comes to finish on electric fires. You can choose from a wide range of decorative fire surrounds, frames and mantel shelves. You will be able to assess the existing interior design in your home and find the right finish for your fireplace to match the colour scheme and style. Alternatively you may want to choose a more eye-catching finish that really stands out and makes a bold design statement.

Flamerite Corello fires are available with a range of finishes including graphite, bronze and stone.

• These finishes complement a wide range of design schemes from traditional period styles through to modern minimalist chic.

• You can also choose from a pebble or coal effects. It is surprising how much difference the fuel bed can make to the overall appearance so it is great to have a choice.

Realistic Flames

There is something very special about the flicker and warmth of flames in the home. With Flamerite Corello you can enjoy realistic flames without all the hassle and mess of solid wood burning fires. Flamerite fires are known for their innovative and highly realistic flame effects. This creates a very warm and welcoming room.

The great thing about realistic flame effects from Flamerite Corello fires is that you can enjoy the look without the heat. This means you can turn the flame effects on independently from the heater section. You will be able to enjoy the cosy feel of the flames even when there is no need for any heat on.

Instant Heat

One of the main advantages of choosing Flamerite Corello fires is that they offer you instant heat for your rooms. You will be able to simply switch the fire on and start feeling the heat benefits straight away.

• Flamerite Corello offer accurate controls that can enable you to adjust the temperature at just the flick of a switch.

• This enables you to create the perfect environment for your rooms with enough heat to keep you warm and cosy without wasting any energy.

• Flamerite Corello also offers remote controls for easy adjustment. You will be able to turn the heat up and down and also dim the realistic flame brightness if you want to.

Flamerite Corello fires are widely available online and this is a fast and easy way to shop. These electric fires are also easy to install and provide a fast way to add style and warmth to your rooms.

Flamerite Corello fires provide an easy way to create stunning focal points in your home. You can create the perfect look for your rooms with the choice of finishes available.

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Mazda recall after Ford, ABC15 report

The recall comes on the heels of Thursday’s massive Ford Escape recall.
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Gas-Loving Spiders Cause Mazda Car Recall

For the second time in three years, Mazda Motor Corp has issued a recall for Mazda6 sedans in North America because of a spider that likes the smell of gasoline and weaves a web that blocks a vent in the engine. The web weaved by a spider can lead to a restriction of fuel flow, which in turn can reduce fuel tank pressure when the emission control system purges vapors from the evaporative canister. Mazda will inform owners in the recall campaign to bring cars to dealers, where the evaporative canister vent line will be checked and cleared if necessary.
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Creative Designs for the Home from Dimplex Electric Fires

The fireplace can be a wonderful focal point in the home. Updating your fireplace can be one of the easiest ways to add a fresh new look to your rooms. Dimplex electric fires can offer some stunning options for your new fireplace focal point.

Realistic Flame Effects

One of the great advances in electric fireplaces is the innovation of realistic flame effects. Dimplex electric fires can offer some beautiful flame effects that look and feel just like the real thing. These realistic flames can add a real sense of warmth and comfort to any room and offer many benefits over the real thing:

• Solid fuel burning fires can be a lot of hassle. You will need to have the right ventilation in place (flue or chimney) and this could mean a lot of extra work during installation.

• You will also need to clean out and prepare wood and coal burning fires and they can take a while to get started.

• With solid wood burning fires there is a risk of carbon monoxide being released into rooms.

• Dimplex electric fires can offer a realistic flame effect without all the hassle.

• You will not need to worry about ventilation and you can simple plug your Dimplex electric fires in and get instant heat.

• No carbon monoxide is given off by Dimplex electric fires and so you will have peace of mind when you are using these clean and safe realistic flame fires.

• The premium range ‘Opt-Myst’ model even offers a smoke effect rising from the faux flames which makes them look even more realistic and comforting.

• Another great benefit of Dimplex electric fires is that you can have the flame option on without any heat. This means you can enjoy the comfort of flames even in the warmer months when you do not need any heating on.

• The flame effect alone uses very little electricity and will add very little costs to your overall energy bills.

Adjustable Heat

Another great benefit of Dimplex electric fires is that the heat output is full adjustable. This means you can get the perfect heat for your rooms at just the touch of a button. This can help you to save heat as you will not have to heat the more than necessary. You will also be able to adjust the heat output of Dimplex electric fires easily with the remote control option offered on the leading models.

Creative Designs

There are many wonderful Dimplex electric fires to choose from. This includes some attractive contemporary designs that look amazing in modern homes. You can match the fires with surrounds to create stunning effects whether you are trying to achieve sophisticated minimalist chic or cosy country cottage charm.


Dimplex electric fires provide economic, attractive solutions to heating in the home. These innovative electric fires offer some wonderful options for homeowners including highly realistic flame effects.

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Aston Martin iQ, Mercedes Milestones Autoline Daily 174

Toyota and Aston Martin are going to join forces in Europe, where Aston is going to sell a version of the Toyota iQ. Tata launched Jaguar and Land Rover in .

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering slapping Toyota with another fine for knowingly delaying a recall for accelerator pedals.

China is cornering the market for rare-earth metals used in hybrid batteries and electric motors. Toyotas in trouble, again, this time recalling vehicles for .

I have filmed the new baby Aston Martin Cygnet, this car is based on the Toyota iQ and its a real luxury city car. I had the opportunity to film a red one and also to .


I was FLOORED to hear that all this talk of DRILL, DRILL, DRILL only means that multi-national corporations will be profiting even MORE from America as they take OUR oil off OUR coast and sell it to whoever is the highest bidder. Likely CHINA.

McCain & Palin have been acting like drilling off our pristine coasts will benefit America and be a national security issue – but it is JUST A PLAIN PROFIT ISSUE FOR BIG OIL. This McCain supporter ADMITS IT.

If you thought this drill, drill, drill chant sounded too good to be true, you were right. Not only does it take 10 years or more to come online, but once it does, it’ll be sold to the industrial powerhouse of China as they continue to feed their industrial machine and move jobs out of the U.S.

THIS IS DISGUSTING – and the oil money pouring into John McCain’s campaign should sicken you as well – if you are a proud American and want the best future for our kids and their family in the future.

It is time to stop playing corporate games with these big oil conglomerates, foreign companies manipulating our markets, and other special interests who all have their hands in the Republican pockets.

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Market Report - BOJ Cuts Rates, Toyota Falls

In today’s Market Report:

The Bank of Japan cut already low interest rates today. They said conditions in the world’s second largest economy would worsen. The cut–to 0.1 percent of its key rate–comes at a time when Japanese business confidence is at a seven-year low…and the nation looking at what may be its most protracted recession since World War II.

The dollar gained slightly against the yen on the move, but is still on-course for its biggest weekly fall in 23 years.

And the world’s number one carmaker Toyota was the subject of media scrutiny ahead of a news briefing next Monday, when the Nikkei reported Toyota would announce its first parent-only operating loss forecast for the current year.

Other Japanese media had less severe outlooks for Toyota, but plunging sales and a surging yen have hit all Japanese automakers hard.

Toyota made an operating profit of around 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in the first half of the year, so the loss would have to be even larger in these last six months to put it in the red.

Take Care Of Your Back With Ergonomic Office Furnitures

Official work has been defined in a new way over the past century. In the present scenario, several days are spent sitting in a chair, at a desk, staring at a computer screen inside a cubicle. The set up is slightly depressing and injuries from repeating the same muscle movements over and over are becoming frequent. The Office Furnitures in organizations can help turn the situation and help the employees to work harder.
Ergonomics became a buzz word in the last decade, but can be traced back as far as the  Ancient Greece civilization. The health of a worker in accordance  to the equipment is the essential definition of ergonomics and is necessary to prevent the injuries often seen in computer workers with time, and which can lead to long-term disability.

Determining the needs of a worker ergonomically means looking at the equipment, precisely size, position, etc and its interaction with the employee. Work stress and health is a serious issue and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has come up with four suggestions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Many people complain of back problems and although standing at work would help in easing back pressure, that is not a feasible option  for many and as such the bulk of a person’s body weight is brought down onto the seat as well as the backrest, armrest, and floor. An ideal chair is one that redistributes body weight and ease pain on the back by taking pressure away from spinal discs.

Backwards inclines along with lumbar support can relieve some back problems as can kneeling chairs. While these chairs give an appearance of putting pressure exclusively on a person’s knees that is not the truth. The angle of the body is lowered, but pressure is distributed evenly and taken on by the chair. These chair can be purchased from any store that deals in office furniture,  be it on the world wide net  or retail outlets.

Keyboards can come in a number of character spacing that reduces the stress on a person’s wrist. Again, these types of keyboards can be purchased readily where computer accessories are sold. Computer monitors should be such so that it can be lifted and moved so that the angle of contact with a worker’s eye causes the least amount of strain, especially when coupled with a screen to diminish glare.

Having a hedesk with adjustable ight is also beneficial to a person’s posture as well as helping decrease back pain. If you can raise a desk so that it can stand for a few hours a day, the benefits to their health will be doubled.

Sophia is one of the many writers who creates interesting and thought-provoking content on all ranges of furniture. She is a complete source for any piece of information regarding furniture. Get the latest updates on Office Furniture, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Reception Counter, Meeting Tables etc.