2015 Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe – 2014 New York Auto Show


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  1. Jocuri Noi says:


  2. gordycpk says:

    Why are so many people bitching about the price? You obviously don't buy it out right unless your rich if not then just get it on lease for like £700 a month for a year or 2

  3. nefty018 says:

    150 grand? You might as well buy a house. 

  4. Adrian Hetmanski says:

    Not sold on the styling, but the interior is outstanding.

  5. Lbolting005 says:

    Ur an idiot, the biggest styling change is the back of the car, u didnt even properly show the back of the car!

  6. Scott Campbell says:

    why buy an expensive mercedes when u can buy bmw for less that compete with 90k mercedes

  7. Ramin says:

    the best

  8. jravens1313 says:

    ooozing with swagggggg

  9. Canniballistix says:

    $150,000+  sounds about right for a car like this.

  10. Bray Jourdain says:

    Im suprised about how cheap they are selling there cars.

  11. kilaz lesliet says:

    1% club. Sounds good. LOLS so every 100th ppl has this right? 

  12. telephonic says:

    bmw set the bar with the m6 coupe and m6 gran coupe… AMG just set the bar higher with this car…..over to you M division

  13. jose jimenez says:

    500 sec el mejor de todos

  14. felixisunderground says:

    In love

  15. matthew von says:

    Damn who would think Mercedes would be the leader in aggressive styling lol.. All the power and that interior to. Watch out BMW. And who cares about Bently and Rolls.. I'm surprised those boring ugly cars are still around 

  16. Ami El Der says:

    Now THAT'S a car! 

  17. ashman0071 says:

    Want to see a carmaker adrift and lost within it's design language? Look no further than Mercedes (Benz). Was the SLS the high-water mark?  No, it totally confused  the 'management' as to what a Mercedes should look like now.  No wonder you don't see any SL's on the road anymore………their styling is incoherent.  Have you seen a Bentley Flying Spur in the flesh?  Now That is one, mean, mother.

  18. Life Long Learner says:

    "It makes you wonder why you would need a Bentley or Rolls Royce." I think that's  exactly Mercedes' intent with this car. 

  19. J.C VenomDrifter says:

    Love the front end :)