2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA – 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz revealed a brand-new compact car on the eve of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The CLA-Class is the company’s latest effort to attract younger buyers to the brand.



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  1. reg15os says:

    who is that virgin reporter? btw car inside looks cheaper than new corolla…shame…silly people will buy it just for the badge

  2. Greg says:

    Never was a big fan of Mercedes…but with this car I am starting to change my mind

  3. Airsoftfrreak96 says:

    for sure younger buyers , just 17 and i'm looking forward to get one

  4. ericknyamu says:

    thats a good move (cheap merc) .. i wounder what camry are going right to have all the sales

  5. Adam Albagdadi says:

    My mom got this for a rent and DAMNNNNWAS IT NICE

  6. Tyrell Thomas says:

    It's 29,000-31,000 with tax for base model

  7. 1995shahad says:

    How much does it cost?

  8. C.H. Taylor says:

    Oh…Ok. Good to know. That's a relief.

  9. harooni22 says:

    actually in germany you can put the left or right side parking lights because the roads are so small. so its probably clicked on to the right.

  10. 2busy4you says:

    and I agree, BMW and Mercedes are sadly running backwards, look at new 2014 M4 BMW, ugly as fuck, these new models look like Korean cars ffs.

  11. C.H. Taylor says:

    Fail. Left Tail-lights are not working

  12. Vincent Shen says:

    try to afford one before you criticize like this

  13. Synercus says:

    What are you drunk this car looks terrible. The 4 series destroys the CLA in looks and probably performance as well.

  14. MrWhiteshark8 says:

    Nobody gives a sh*t what a 21 year old douche has to say so STFU. If you had a brain you would know that all things are subjective and, depending on where you live, the car you drive changes. Small cars in LA or NYC or Paris, bigger ones in Montana or Texas, So go take your E Class (which there is NO WAY you could afford ) and park it with the valet and hope some equally shallow, douchey female notices you with that dollar bill in your hand. You havent even SEEN a CLA yet, idiot.

  15. MODLYMOD says:

    BMW worlds cheapest car bad engine

  16. Samuel Reynoso says:


  17. Aaron C says:

    this presenter is very eloquent. i like the way he talks

  18. joseph danno says:

    My fav car benz

  19. Kyle Morgese says:

    Im not an MB guy but id drive this one, i like the C class alot as well

  20. Joshua Jackson says:

    Exactly! I could see younger college girls driving something like this that mommy brought them. I wouldn't drive anything under the E-Class.