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This Dodge Grand Caravan video includes information about fuel economy, interior space, safety features, crash scores and available equipment like Stow N Go seats.

For more information, read the 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan review

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Hellcat, Hellcat, Hellcat. Watch the Internets long enough and you might think the Dodge muscle car was the only news this year.

Here at Motor Authority, we’ve done more than our fair share of flogging the Hellcat, on the streets and in our headlines.

But there’s one question we haven’t answered just yet.

What happens when you have TWO Hellcats?

Read more about the Hellcats:

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  1. Kavan Hadji says:


  2. leon323 says:

    I don't think this video is up to date.
    The seats ate very comfortable in dodge van and it is very smooth and quiet.
    I only got this van because it is the best bang for the buck compared to the other ones and with the extra money I saved I got myself a Ducati

  3. Schulz Automotive Reedsburg says:

    This Dodge Grand Caravan video includes information about fuel economy, interior space, safety features, crash scores and available equipment like Stow N Go seats.

  4. The AE86 of Mt. Akina says:

    This is the official car of the dad that lost faith in life, or the mom that hates life.

  5. alberto santos says:
  6. alberto santos says:

    E um carro muito legal

  7. Al al says:

    dodge is smooth – wtf is he talking about/

  8. Elijah Fajardo says:

    the charger hellcat is better

  9. Mastermatt300 says:

    ok when i get older my dream car was to get a challenger, for racing or everyday driving on manual transmission. is the charger really better? if so then ima get that

  10. deadburnit says:

    It's a Dodge ?>??
    In the day you had a Dodge if you were poor. ???

  11. Emanuel Herkvi CroatiaGameplays says:

    Guys do you give a shift?

  12. Abdallah Alshali says:

    thanks dodge now i can be a dad who drives a muscle car ….. that problem solved

  13. Adrian Alcocer says:

    I hate fucking Camry I like the charger dodge the hellcat

  14. ramadorsince1983 says:

    muscle car or sedan

  15. dallascowboys6766 says:

    Actually you could Hennessy a Camaro and it gets the same power as a hellcat.

  16. Chae Jones says:

    I'd pick the charger….

  17. Deadpool says:

    nice commercial for the Hellcat guys.

  18. chase mckenzie says:

    eh honestly I would rather have a mustang gt 350 r

  19. PREDATOR 7 says:

    Ford family since the 60s , my last acquisition a beautiful Raptor beast but since I saw the Charger Hellcat I got impressed and I'm the black ship of the family I'll make the jump to Dodge I'm sure with some goodies to the engine and wideeeeer high performance tires I'll make that thing supersonic .

  20. Adrian Alcocer says:

    I chose the charger 

  21. Bernd Klüver says:

    ….with this two bombs you Yankees worked your way back to get our respect back. From the auto nation Nr.1 Germany. How about the 2015 Corvette ZR1 ?????

  22. yihya mohziri says:


  23. xTheMercenary 1 says:

    I'd take either but the look of the challenger looks more appealing to me.

  24. Ryan Trinh says:

    Charger is better. It's faster, better looking and better for an everyday use. F**k the Challenger. Big a*s design and too big and heavy for a sports car. Charger looks much better and probably has better aerodynamics for higher top speed.

  25. 88hunky says:

    Challenger is the better looking car, hands down. Charger is for a middle aged dad who has 3 kids who still wish he'd of stayed in that college band but didn't and is trying to find his inner awesomeness.

  26. austin goodwin says:

    Of course they use burnouts as a way to make a "decision" considering thats the only thing the car is useful for since dodge put on tinny tires not to mention it weighs as much as a full size pick up I'm sure cornering in 4400 pounds is really fun on those 275 tires…

  27. Nick Ryan says:

    the challenger
    is better