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HC intelligent home network Project Profile
Hangzhou city’s first one million m2 high ecological humanities community, the West Lake upstream of the private garden?? And homes in the south of Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, formerly People’s Liberation Army barracks, the building was surrounded by seven major mountain ranges, scenery unlimited, year round The average temperature of 16.4 degrees Celsius, with trees more than 4,000 trees. Anion content in air up to 29,000 / cubic meter, ecological and pleasant, is the mountain city of Hangzhou, a rare low-density residential, Chinese Contemporary domain of the nobility.

With natural gifts, and home building is like a long house in the mountains. Full use of the surrounding mountains and hillsides of mountain resources to maximize the introduction of indoor landscape, whether villa or townhouse apartment elevator, every household can enjoy mountain views, the landscape up to 20-30 air terrace?. Appreciating the living qualities of nature; rely on natural slopes, open top theme parks, hiking trails and other travel resources and rich mountain sports, to fully meet the owners living in the pursuit of quality, but also ensure the quality of healthy living mountain.

Park adjacent to the planned Wal-Mart supermarket, park planning vegetables Market , Commercial Street, Sports Centre. Park Planning 9 Kindergarten classes, 24 classes primary, secondary and provincial levels remain close to key West Lake High School.

Intelligent system positioning: the most advanced and largest digital and intelligent residential park.
Intelligent Community Is the core of the network. From the network point of view, the development of intelligent community can be divided into three stages.

First: decentralized control stage This stage of the smart district of infancy. During this period are independent of each other cell in the system, not compatible, the system can only run alone distributed. The system can only be a small area of communication within a single building can not achieve a large area within the district network. This distributed control system, incompatible fragmentation is not conducive to the unity of plot management, system functions relatively single.

Second: field bus phase , Smart Of construction into 1998 after the network is a basic requirement. Therefore, the district’s control network Technology Extensive use of field bus technology. These technologies can be used in a variety of decentralized district system interconnection network, unified management, operating in harmony, so as to constitute a relatively larger regional system. Fieldbus application in the district to make intelligent community system a big step forward.

No. 3: All three are integrated digital media stage

Current domestic practice is still the mainstream residential FTTB (Fibertothebuilding), which is the data cable through outdoor installation to Loudong switch, then Category 5, Cat 5e or Category 6 cable installation to the user multimedia box. However, in order to meet the user voice, data and cable TV Actual demand, developers often need to lay cable in the course of the laying of the public telephone network (PSTN), cable television (CATV) and internet (Internet) three lines. There are three main networks such duplication phenomenon. This use of triple-play, multi-network integration is a great trend. The use of passive optical network technology (EPON) for operators to provide adequate access to bandwidth and voice, data and video fusion technology.

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