Knowing The In’s And Out’s Of Power Transducers And Power Meters

When installing electrical equipment or working with electrical wires it is critical to be able to test the electrical equipment. The type of equipment will require different monitoring techniques. Some requires constant monitoring of voltage, current and power values.

In some instances a power meter is use to measure, communicate and manage electrical variation. When looking into the power meters or transducers, always be sure that they meet the Public Utility Commission, International Organization for Standardization and Sarbanes Oxley testing requirements. This will help to ensure the proper test results come back every time.

It is also important to look into the different types and models of power transducer and power meters. Most of these will be able to interface with an application used to monitor variations in electricity, voltage, and current. Before purchasing an electrical testing kit, always check the compatibility requirement to ensure that the test unit will work with the customer’s software and other forms of hardware. The durability for the electrical testing equipment needs to be very high. It should be able to withstand harsh weather and conditions.

A lot of the electrical testing equipment comes with an Ethernet interface that allows for real-time monitoring. Some other types of units will also do the monitoring and periodic testing automatically. The electrician or engineer can set the times for the testing and set different alert displays for safety.

A device can be used to monitor tenant metering, substation automation, utility submetering and generator monitoring. A lot of utility companies such as the electric company use automated metering reading equipment to measure, manage and record electrical usage. Most are multifunctional and very efficient.

Another important factor when considering the type or make and model of the transducer or meter is the type of protocol it will use. There are several types of protocols that help to advance communications capabilities. These protocols are Modbus Plus, Modbus RTU and ASCII, and DNP 3.0.

The amounts of different electrical outputs are important when considering which electrical testing equipment. It is important to know how many electrical parameters are being measured. Always make sure that all of the necessary power functions are being monitored and tested on a regular basis.

If for any reason the customer is not comfortable with installing, testing or monitoring electrical function of any type, then a professional electrician or technician should be contacted. A professional electrician with the proper certifications will know what to do should something go wrong with the installation or testing process. Monitoring voltage, watts, VARs, volts and other variables is extremely important when working around electricity.

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