If Your Boyfriend Wants To Take A Break Can You Get Him Back?

One of my parents friends’ daughter was going through some relationship problems not too long ago. From what I understand her boyfriend told her that he wanted to take a break from the relationship which left her puzzled. She then proceed to inquire from friends, family, and even on line websites about advice fixing her relationship.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with your boyfriend here are a few tips that may assist you through this situation so both of you come out unscathed.

First of all you need to understand that when a guy says he wants to take a break it could very well signify something else. More often than not what he’s saying is that he’s quite sure he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, but isn’t certain yet so “I’ll keep her around until I figure it out or find someone else”.

I know this may sound harsh but basically when someone says they wish to take a break it’s all about them. They want to selfishly “keep their options open”. And that’s egocentric irrespective of the way you try to justify it.

It’s nearly impossible to take a break and work on fixing the mistakes in your relationship at the same time. To really mend the issues there generally must be some discussion between the two of you. That is why a break is not about fixing a relationship, but more about easing out of it.

Quite often, but not always it implies they’re interested with someone new, but doesn’t want to totally end it with you till they’re sure this ‘new thing’ will work out.

Should you’re boyfriend says he wants to take a break do yourself a favor, don’t cling. Do not beg him to keep you informed about everything he’s doing or what his issues are, and then try to fix all of them. Whatever is going on he’s proven that he needs time to get things figured out. Give him space, but do not put your life on hold while he’s making up his mind about you. That’s a little unfair isn’t it?

It is essential you just maintain living your life. Go out with the girls, go to movies, shopping, or whatever you enjoy the most. Don’t sit around and how or when hes going to get it all figured out. Just live.

You can also use the break as an opportunity to determine what you want. Do you need this relationship? Are your needs being met? Is he the kind of guy who values this? Now is a great time to do some soul searching and turn the attention inward towards yourself. You may be surprised with how you start seeing things from a different perspective, and much more clearer than before.

If he was getting sick of the relationship there’s a good chance you may have been as well, however you either decided not to face it or just suppressed in some way. This is also a good time to envision what life would really be like with or without him.

So if the phrase “my boyfriend says hes wants to take a break” is still fresh in your mind just keep in mind that there are two of you involved. Take this time to fix your life, do not mope round. Time will only tell if he’s really the guy for you. Things have a way of working themselves out.

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