Exterior Wall Construction Technology And Countermeasures Full Analysis – Insulation, Fire-resistant

External wall insulation technology originated in the 40’s last century in Sweden and Germany, has over 60 years. External wall insulation technology in China for many years with a history. Up to now, there have been several hundreds of millions of square meters of construction with the exterior wall insulation technology and the ability to meet the 50% energy saving, energy-saving design standards require 65% or higher energy efficiency standards. However, the completion of the wall insulation has the quality of projects, no matter which wall insulation works, or works within the insulation and insulation sandwich are varying degrees of quality problems, such as the durability is not strong, cracks, condensation mold change, Guzhang off, among which the most prominent cracks.

(A) external wall insulation within the structure. External wall insulation within the insulation system is placed inside the external walls, so that structural points in the two temperature fields, building structure thermal stress is always unstable, the structure of shortened life expectancy. In the same climatic conditions, do not just within the thermal insulation and even compared the thermal insulation than do not do the internal structure of the wall when the wall temperature difference with greater force by the external impact of a variety of more direct, more vulnerable to thermal stress in the wall damage, the formation of cracks. Structure of cold (hot) Bridge is apt to cause excessive and even local temperature difference between condensation phenomenon, by the dew of impregnation or freeze can easily cause mold wall and cracking.

Inside and outside the hybrid insulation structure. Mixed within and outside the insulation is in the construction, the external insulation construction the site easy to operate with external insulation and external insulation construction operations within the insulation with an inconvenient location. Judging from the construction operation, construction of hybrid insulation can improve the speed, external wall insulation can not protect the interior walls, exterior wall panels with the junction of the cold (hot) part of the effective protection of the bridge, so that building is insulation. However, the hybrid insulation of the building structure is the existence of serious damage.

Wall insulation sandwich structure. External wall insulation sandwich approach is to load and protect the part into the middle leaving a certain gap, in loose or bulk fill insulation inorganic materials such as slag, expanded perlite, etc., are made from time to air layer filling materials. The practice of cold regions in the north have a certain percentage of applications. Such walls have a certain thermal insulation performance, but also very obvious shortcomings.

Exterior insulation structure. Insulation technology in recent years with the rapid development and rising national energy efficiency standards, the application of exterior insulation expanding, and by the competent authorities, experts, developers and tenants of the recognition. As the external wall insulation system to be placed outside, directly bear the nature of heat stress, water, wind, fire and earthquake, so the external wall insulation system, a higher demand. As the insulation is in favor of protecting the main structure, to extend the life of the building, improve the wet wall and to increase the housing area, and other obvious advantages, the application of external insulation will continue to expand and will become the mainstream. However, external thermal insulation structure also exists off the insulation layer, cracking, water seepage and cracks and other wall finishes paint quality.

(B) of the adhesive layer and insulation work has become a common quality problems, and the momentum for further expansion. In the national survey and a number of off-site problem analysis, we can easily see the reason for the problem: bond area of less than 30%; bonding occurred cause Bureau of cloth hanging empty stream or virtual sticky sticky; leveling mortar with the main wall void, particularly long water seepage, prone to continuing hollowing hollowing and expand the area, so that insulation joint hollowing or partial destruction; insulation board surface load is too large, easy to create a direct stripping insulation off; on the negative wind pressure resistance measures used unreasonable, the formation of some of the insulation plate can easily be hollowing wind damage, loss. At the same time, but also pay attention to the length of bond issue.

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