Guangzhou high-rise pull to emerge from the concerns of fire safety hazards – fire hazard, high-rise

Status: 32 years 100 super high-rise where they stand

Guangzhou back in the 30s to have a real sense

High-rise building . 1937, 15-storey, 64-meter-high building completed in the love group, became the tallest building in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and also became the first truly “high-rise buildings.” Circulation time in 32 years, and now high-rise building in Guangzhou is crowded in upon.

Documented information, currently under construction in Guangzhou, including more than 100 meters tall building about 100 buildings, 18 stories above the high-rise building has more than 7,000 buildings. Only in the center of Pearl River New City, Guangzhou CBD, 200 meters above the high-rise by planning have 18, and 150 meters above the high-rise buildings have 50 or so. On December 31 last year, 432-meter height Guangzhou, mainland China second “high-rise landmark”?? Pearl River New Town West Tower Project (full name of the “Guangzhou International Financial Centre”) cap, but also created a two-day level of world Building the “new” speed. This cluster of high-altitude hypoxia Carnival is still spreading: Theta’s “sister tower” the East tower 488 meters high set, plans to start in early October 2010, completion of trial operation by the end of 2014.

Question: ladder tall enough so he lifts hard to take

However, it will trigger high-rise building

Fire Security risks. Public safety experts say high-rise building will easily lead to land subsidence and the environment, energy, transportation and a series of related issues in urgent need of particular attention.

“Now the higher the floor the more established, aerial ladders come buy their own homes.” According to Fire Department fire prevention experts, high-rise building

Fire Rescue is a worldwide problem. The usual practice is to attack from within and outside the fire-fighting methods, that ladder trucks conditions permit, the water from the outdoor fire rescue; the same time

Fireman Into High-rise fire Site, with Water gun Connecting indoor Fire Hydrant Water fire, and rescue trapped personnel evacuation. “In fact, many residential quarters, ladder trucks could not reach because there is no parking.” According to Fire Department statistics show that there are fire trucks, Guangzhou, 13, and can be held more than 30 meters high, the highest two cars move up to 56 meters, 3 meters on each floor to calculate the general could only reach 12 floors, 13 floors.

It is understood that the world’s most advanced lift your car can give up to 93 meters, but the price of a car that more than 10 million yuan, and each one meter above, the high cost of many. It is reported that Guangzhou has already booked a cost of 15 million yuan of 78 m ladder is expected to put in place this year, when the rescue ladder height will rise to about 20 layers to further enhance the combat effectiveness.

Frequency mess thieves underground garage roof

Property law and order can not be ignored. Senior housing in the current burglary increased by “Spider Thieves” perpetrator represented. Criminals generally along the gas pipeline and sewer climbing from high to low, crawl into the house owners were committing the crime. Meanwhile, the emergence of high-rise buildings also make the roof, underground parking spaces as thieves favorite place to patronize the perpetrator, while the elevator is also prone to looting and so on. The floor is too high because some households would fall ill due to lift emergency by the bungled rescue difficult time.

Behalf suggestions Build tall buildings or low floor, not back and forth

? Municipal People’s Congress Lu Guanglin

“Period required high rises, that is to save space, improve the rate of volume, but over time they build low-level requirement that is desirable to improve the living environment. Guangzhou city and urban planning, has been back and forth.” For Guangzhou City high-rise building problems too intensive, Lu Guanglin on behalf of respect that has long been the “Planning Act”, the key is the implementation of local planning departments, the law given to the NPC the right to supervise their implementation and inspection.

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