Understanding And Monitoring Energy Consumption With Power Meters

A power meter is a large single electric control panel which is responsible for measuring the total electric consumption of a building. Normally a switchboard meter can be accessible from the inside and from the outside of the building as well. An electric supply company normally has a device which reads the client’s energy consumption on a regular basis in order to be able to bill the client for the service.

The supplier company has the capability of sending a meter reader once a month to do a physical reading; however, the latest technology allows these companies to take the readings directly through their database and this is something which can be considered a very practical approach.

This equipment installation also includes the capability of better understanding and monitoring of the energy consumption in a specific area at a designated time during the day or during the month as well. This helps electrical suppliers to understand the different demands of their clients and how to cope with the supply in times of extremely hot or cold weather conditions and other similar periods. It also helps the consumers to understand their consumption. A sudden increase or decrease in meter readings should signify a definitive change in usage habits or a problem in delivery of electricity.

There are many different types of power meters; however, the most common ones are the electromechanical types that work on counting the revolutions of an aluminum disc which rotates at a speed proportional to the power.

There is also the electronic meter, which is basically doing the same measuring; however, it is displaying the results on an LCD display and it can transmit the reading to a remote place. These kinds of switchboard meters are also used quite frequently for recording load supplies as well, They are becoming the most commonly used types, since they function much more efficiently than others.

Having a meter that is able to send readings to the supply company is also recommended, because there are no issues of human error to alter accuracy. Although some customers that have exchanged the older meters for the newer technology might say their electric bills have increased, this should not be the case. It may be due to faulty wiring from the previous set-up and these customers should contact their supply company for a meter check-up to avoid any further problems.

There are different tariffs for different kinds of electricity consumption and the supplying companies try to make sure that those customers that do not come under the heavy consumption tariff get better benefits from them.

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