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Chrysler vehicle suffers rare recall

Cyprus bailout causes stocks to drop, President Obama will nominate his next secretary of labor, and Chrysler is recalling some 2013 Dodge Challengers. Ashley Morrison reports. Get more at

Officeworks issues recall after USB charger melts

Officeworks issues recall after USB charger melts
Officeworks has issued a nationwide recall of USB wall chargers after one of the devices reportedly overheated, causing the case to "melt". As many as 3,400 of the chargers have been sold according to NSW Fair Trading. Approximately 1,050 of the …
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Latest Tesla Recalls Wall Charger Adapters To Prevent Overheating News

10 Epic Flaws in Product Design Revealed
Just ask Apple enthusiasts who were nothing less than enraged when the company changed the iPhone connector with the iPhone 5 model (pictured here), rendering any previous Apple device power cords (which also up until then worked with iPods and iPads …
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Logic Supply Core-ML320 Fanless Industrial NUC Review
Computers with completely passive cooling systems are advantageous in many respects. These aspects turn out to be very important for many industrial applications. Though a majority of fanless x86-based PCs in the market are based on the anemic Atom …
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The Shocking Truth About Defibrillators
Problems included the AED displaying error messages, being unable to power up, and failing to deliver shocks. In the same period, up to 70 kinds of AEDs were recalled, including models from every AED manufacturer in the world. Of those recalls, 17 fell …
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Latest GM Recall For Defective Ignition Switches News

Recall settlement frees GM CEO to confront new challenges
GM disclosed in February 2014 that it failed to tell regulators what it knew about defective ignition switches that could cause vehicles to stall, and cut power to the air bags. Before that revelation, GM was regaining profitability after a federally …
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GM Still Faces Exposure in Flawed Ignition Switch Suits That Seek Billions
General Motors Co.'s potential liability over flawed ignition switches isn't over yet, and billions of dollars remain at stake. GM agreed Thursday to pay $ 575 million to end a shareholder suit tied to the defect and more than 1,380 civil cases by …

The Challenge Volkswagen's CEO Needs to Confront
VW has started recalling the affected vehicles in Europe. But U.S. regulators, operating under the stricter standards of the U.S. Clean Air Act, rejected the company's plan to fix the roughly … In December, VW hired Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney who …


Here is yet another video of the @Fatt_cat15 killing yet another super car. when will it stop??? This is a full bolt ons and tune gtr vs a bone stock hellcat. What’s the deal with all these super cars getting rolled up by a dodge challenger hellcat. What do the Nissan gtr guys have to say to this.100k for a Nissan gtr to get beat by a huge boat of a car??? As for the cop we contemplated running but it just wasn’t worth it.
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Acelerados – Volta Rápida #4. Rubens Barrichello senta a bota em um Dodge Dart 1974!

Rubens Barrichello e Cassio Cortes viajam ao passado na quarta Volta Rápida do Acelerados. É hora de Rubinho acelerar o “Rei da Rua” no Brasil dos anos 70, o Dodge Dart com motor V8 5.2.

Apesar de restaurado à perfeição na cor original Chrysler “Vitamin C Orange”, o “nosso” Dart é fuçado: recebeu carburação Quadrijet e outros mimos no V8ão para gerar 300cv em dinamômetro, segundo o orgulhoso proprietário, o paulista Fernando Demarco.

Será que a força bruta do Dojão vai ser suficiente para virar um tempo competitivo no Autódromo Velo Città?

Confira aqui a Volta Rápida On Board:

Você também é Acelerado? Então vem com a gente:

INSTAGRAM: @acelerados

Gosta de futebol?
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Curte games?
Pegadinhas e experimentos sociais?

+4:3 Car maker recalls hybrid cars over steering fault

FILE: Tokyo – 14 October 1997
1. Various of original Toyota Prius on display at its launch
Tokyo – 2 June 2011
2. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Rokusaburo Yamane, Consultant:
“Toyota needs to go back to its roots. I’m not particular about the technical problems that they are facing. I think the bigger problem was that Toyota got weaker because they kept things too unclear. Toyota used to be a customer-first company and now it’s payback time.”
3. SOUNDBITE (Japanese) Vox pop, Tadashi Miki, 75 years old:
“What a waste. Toyota had so much energy and rose to be the leading manufacturer (of cars). They are in pain but I think they will make a comeback.”
4. Wide pan of pedestrian area
Toyota recalled 106-thousand first-generation Prius hybrid cars globally on Wednesday for faulty steering caused by a nut that may come loose.
The single minor accident suspected of being related to the problem was reported in the US, according to Toyota Motor Corp.
The latest recall from Toyota, which has taken hit to its reputation from massive recalls worldwide, affects 48-thousand Prius vehicles in Japan, starting with the first Prius models that went on sale in 1997, and those manufactured through 2003.
It also affects 58-thousand vehicles sold abroad, including 52-thousand Prius cars sold from 2001 through 2003 in the US, some 12-hundred in Great Britain, and 800 in Germany, a company spokesman said.
Toyota says loose nuts in the electric-power steering can cause the vehicle, if operated over a long time, to steer with too much force.
The problem can be fixed by putting in better nuts and will take about four hours, it said.
In Japan, Toyota also recalled 21,600 iQ small-cars for braking problems, caused by a valve that became faulty during manufacturing, possibly causing braking power to decline.
Twenty-one complaints were received that may be caused by the problem, but there were no accidents, the automaker said.
In the US and Canada, Toyota recalled 34 Venza and 16 Sienna 2011 model vehicles to replace an insufficiently treated drive-shaft.
The drive-shaft could break, causing the vehicle to stall, according to Toyota.
Over the last two years, Toyota has announced massive recalls ballooning to more than 14 million vehicles.
Its once sterling reputation has come under scrutiny.
It faces damage lawsuits and lingering doubts in the US on whether it had been transparent enough about the recall woes.
On the streets of Tokyo on Wednesday, some residents said the company “needs to go back to its roots” and that “they will make a comeback”.

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Nissan to recall about 300,000 vehicles in U.S. to fix console panel

Nissan Motor Co Ltd’s North America unit said it would recall about 300,000 vehicles in the United States and 28,000 vehicles in Canada to adjust a console panel.

The affected vehicles have a console trim panel that may catch the driver’s shoe and potentially impede smooth pedal operation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on its website. (

Nissan North America is expected to begin the recall by mid-October, the U.S. vehicle safety regulator said.

“We have had an accident with injury related to this issue,” Nissan North America spokesman Steve Yaeger said on Friday.

The recall would affect model years 2012-2015 Nissan Versa Sedan, 2014-2015 Versa Note and 2014-2015 Micra vehicles, Nissan said.
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Inanunsyo ngayon ng Nissan, Honda at Toyota, ang pag-re-recall sa higit 3 milyong units nila sa buong mundo. Ito’y dahil sa depektibong mga airbag. Magba-Bandila si Jasmin Romero. Bandila, Abril 11, 2013, Huwebes
Bandila, Abril 11, 2013, Huwebes
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Hyundai Dethrones The Competition

Hyundai Dethrones The Competition

Hyundai Leapfrogged The Competition In J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Awards. Brandon Ramirez, Senior Group Manager, Product Planning, discussed Hyundai’s 4 principals for all product development.

In The News: Tesla, GM Recalls, S60L from China, Chrysler Recalls, J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Awards

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Panelists First Thoughts On: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

Ron Moorehead – Free Lance
Frank Washington –
Greg Morrison – Bumper2BumperTV
Linda Sharp – Drive Sharp
Russ Heaps – Free Lance
Nik Mile – VEHO
BJ Killeen – Free Lance
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Latest Tesla Recalls Wall Charger Adapters To Prevent Overheating News

Dish expands Hopper DVR platform with Super Joey, Wireless Joey set-top boxes
Last year, Dish found itself involved in a bit of controversy at CES. Things are a bit calmer for 2014, with the satellite provider concentrating on iterating upon and expanding its popular Hopper DVR platform. Dish isn't updating the main Hopper DVR …
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Auto Stock Roundup: Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall, Tesla Gets $39M Incentive

Auto Stock Roundup: Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall, Tesla Gets M Incentive
Ford is in talks with Google to create a joint venture to build driverless vehicles, as per media reports. The joint venture is expected to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show next month. This partnership would be beneficial for both companies.
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Republicans Speak on Recall
Radogno feels recall efforts to be handled carefully to avoid being overused, saying she fears a situation where politicians are recalled "because I don't like the color of their hair or one decision they've made." State Rep. LaShawn Ford (D-Chicago …
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Auto industry, U.S. regulators agree to historic measures to improve recalls
General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corp. and other companies agreed to reform the way they track and report fatalities, injuries and warranty claims to the government. The historic agreement includes four principles aimed at creating a …
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