2014 GM Ignition Recall – 2004 Saturn Vue Problem

2014 GM Ignition Recall - 2004 Saturn Vue Problem

Just demonstrating an Ignition issue on my wife’s 2004 Saturn Vue. Not sure if this is part of the 2014 GM Ignition recall, but being able to remove the key while driving is certainly not a good thing 🙂

Anyone ever experience something like this?

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  1. stacy conrey says:

    mine does that!

  2. 170324341a says:

    The fix is to go to Home Depot and make a copy of your key. The new key doesn't come out the same way.

  3. Billy William says:

    My friend had a 2000 Saturn sl that did the exact same thing. 

  4. Big Zeke says:

    Yeah I got an 03 Vue.  For me it was a feature, because I use mine for delivering pizzas.  I could pull up in a customers driveway, remove the key with the engine still running, get out of the car with the pizzas, lock the doors, do my thing, then come back and the vehicle is immediately ready to go on my next run.

  5. Team Dezire says:

    my 04 vue does the exact same thing

  6. Dave Messer says:

    Just got a letter from gm recalling my vehicle for this problem today. Hope you receive one as well.

  7. jayslay1000 says:

    Mine does da same fuckin thing

  8. J Wider says:

    Just called GM and that problem is covered by the recall. Mine 03  VUE does the same thing. Check it out at: http://www.GMignitionupdate.com (.ca for Canadians)

  9. TwoFeatherChannel says:

    GM has had that problem of removing keys while still driving for 40 years or more.
    I would definitely bring it in, GM said the recall problem is partially caused by excessive weight on key chains causing the Air Bag sensor to register the vehicle as being off, when it is actually being driven.  

  10. WHO9119 says:

    They will repplace your keys and ignition switch just make sure you bring in both sets of keys, also if you have an aftermarket remote starter make sure it work afterwards if not you may have to buy a 3rd key with a transponder

  11. MidTnOutdoors says:

    I had a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer that I could do the same thing with. In the same note we have a few service vans that are GM with  the same deal as my old Trailblazer. I have been told that the key and the switch just get worn out and that is what happens.

  12. Dave Messer says:

    My 04 Vue does the same thing.

  13. krazy45cat says:

    Doesn't look right from hear .Either way recall or not .It appears you need a new ignition switch :(((

  14. 27dcx says:

    I had lots of older vehicles that would do this. I always viewed it as a positive as I could leave my car running and still use my keys to run in and grab something real quick if I needed to.