2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Review – TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not Ep.3

2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Review - TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not Ep.3

Watch Episode 2 – BMW M2: (https://youtu.be/sPccZZSGZRg?list=PLAxofNln5mbXn1zBo8YXvEEEFy_5_ysFY)

The 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a 707 HP monster muscle car that’s great at making its rear tires smoke. But what is it like to live with and take around a race track? In Episode 3 of TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not Review Roman and Paul find out as well as how fast it can lap TFL’s test track.

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  1. real talk says:

    unfortunately it seems as though its a huge muscle guy who can't fight worth a lick. Its fun to watch the great weights be lifted though. A porche is more like this athletic looking martial artist.

  2. Blair Gray says:

    hey let's take 700hp car out in 0 degree weather and complain about its handling when for a 4400lb car it actually holds it ground pretty well … let's go around the worst track and complain about features I haven't even learned how to use yet.

  3. Chris DiPetta says:

    They're using summer tires THAT AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE USED BELOW 45 DEGREES!!!

  4. awsome destroar says:

    the hellcat is what a muscle car is meant to be

  5. HELLCAT Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank says:

    Summer bicycle tyres on a cold winter surface. You guys need to get some drag radials to make this monster come alive.

  6. Thomas Kimble says:

    The supposed race car driver just got slammed by a real muscle car! Good review Roland

  7. Akeem Perez says:

    my dream car this and the Bentley gt3

  8. Mark Carruthers says:

    All he had to say was: "summer tires, winter day". Nuff said!

  9. Leon Jacobs says:

    H o w d o y o u d#o? Y o u'r e U n i q!u e! high-pitched penitent What's your opinion about this, gxys

  10. Puthearith Chea says:

    They should have done it like Lexus. They built the ISF then used the chassis for the IS 350 and 250 (200t now). Same goes to the BMW. They engineered the M3 then used the chassis for the 3 series. Dodge built the chassis for a V6 then threw a 707HP engine in. Those horsepower are useless because the chassis can't handle it. I bet the Mustang GT350 would eat this in drag race or circuit race. I'm not anti Dodge, but they should have engineered this car for the power it makes.

  11. Adam Tucker says:

    just plain stupid. why have summer tires on during the winter…..effin stupid. ive owned a 6 speed hellcat and now the 8 speed auto. ill be tracking my car in autocross this summer as well as dragging it. with my elevation i run 11.1 everytime

  12. A Marton says:

    Here's an innovative thought…how about if The Fast Lane Car tries a Hellcat video that doesn't take place in the winter. C'mon guys…

  13. R Dixon says:

    what is temperature out there? there was snow on the ground, the tires had to be hard

  14. Ryan Marshall says:

    LOL! Good for one thing, burnouts! Period

  15. 1all's Pub says:

    Summer tires in the winter AND you put it on a track and had the nerve to judge it???? Brilliant move guys… sheesh!! LAME!

  16. Petulant Frenzy says:

    Tried the black key for about 10 minutes.  Felt more like 350 horsepower.  Easier to drive yes, but way boring.


    p zeros are terrible in cold weather.

  18. Charles Flaherty says:

    Wow, on a frozen tack the Hellcat couldn't make traction… Who would have thought?

    The Hellcat isn't a track day car, it's a carnival ride. Judge it for what it is.

  19. James Mcervel says:

    They need to put wider tyres on the motherfucker

  20. Metal Jackalope says:

    the hellcat motor is not a Hemi..  Just marketing BS