Elon Musk CNBC Interview – Model S/E/X discussion – January 14, 2014

Model S Q4 sales &
Model S “recall” confusion &
Model X production &
Tesla battery production &
Model E outlook &
Model S in China

via YouTube Capture


  1. GoogleItBacon says:

    Tesla model sex

  2. Hex says:

    Has anyone one noticed the title? s/e/x?

  3. Zane (Ragin_Pacifist) says:

    Finally something Made in USA that is being sold to China xD (jokes)

  4. Rochad Andre says:

    why she keep saying upgrade, its UPDATE 

  5. Tamayo1980 says:

    build that Gigafactory in Eastern NC Elon. Easier distribution to the rest of the world not to mention NC has plenty of sun and wind here on the coast. 

  6. Elisi Camost says:

    By the time the model e comes out, there will be flying cars

  7. fa fasf says:

    you go elon!  show them how logical, practical thinking works.  asking silly questions obviously meant to have a negative connotation, or deviously confusing the matters, and focusing on the less relevant issues.  for shame cnbc.

  8. Zack says:

    Change your damn fire alarm battery

  9. BYRON PINI says:

    minute 1:51 update has already been done lol

  10. David Herrera Rangel says:

    stop recording the tv dam

  11. Mr. Dimitrov says:

    i will own a model e in 5 or 6 years for sure!

  12. Brams2033 says:

    patch fix =D

  13. BloodBaath says:

    Theres a direct video of this. no need to put up a recorded one.

  14. hellcat1988 says:


  15. Big Play Ray09 says:

    I will own one of these in the future FOR SURE

  16. Germain Staquet says:

    a screen recording ? are you serious?

  17. PMeursault says:

    This talk about selling companies is bullshit; every time there's a successful company some bastards want to leech off its success buy buying it so they can squeeze the money out and turn it to shit

  18. James Smith says:

    So all that hype about Tesla being bought out is just big media grasping for a story. Elon isn't stupid, he's not going to give his electric baby away for a couple billion, not so some Oil Tyrants can crush the electric car again.

  19. MrTree421 says:

    Nice Work on that Thumbnail-.- I really didn't expect this beautiful cam-footage. Pure High Definition..

  20. SarkTheShark94 says:

    Can't wait for the Tesla Model E !!!!