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How VW Parts Fail ~ 7 speed DSG Mechatronic Unit

Today on “How VW parts fail”, we are looking at the mechantronics unit from the 7 speed DSG transmission. This transmission is only found in the Jetta Hybrid in the US market. In the rest of world market, it is found in other drivetrain combinations as well. This is not the most common of VW issues, but it is pretty cool how it works.

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Join me as we break down(hopefully not):

What a mechatronics unit in the DSG is
How a mechatronics unit in the DSG works
How the mechatronics unit changes gears
The serviceability of the mechatronics unit.
Is this a DIY part?
The DSG Transmission explained
and more

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2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition

2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition
The Basics: Toyota is recalling 58,510 vehicles from model year 2016. Total affected vehicles include 16,880 Avalon and 41,630 Camry sedans.

The Problem: Affected vehicles have an incorrectly calibrated Occupant Classification System in the passenger’s side front seat. The OCS activates or deactivates the passenger’s side airbag depending on the weight of the passenger in the seat. If the calibration is out of whack, the system won’t arm properly and the airbag might not go off in the event of an accident.

Injuries/Deaths: Toyota’s official statement didn’t include any information on injuries or fatalities. Spokesperson Cindy Knight told Autoblog, “There are many different sources of information with varying degrees of reliability, so it is difficult to know the existence or exact number of times this condition has occurred. We are not providing specifics at this time.”

The fix: Dealers will recalibrate the OCS free of charge.

If you own one: Toyota will notify owners of affected vehicles via first class mail. Concerned customers can also call the company’s customer service line at 1-800-331-4331.

TORRANCE, Calif., April 13, 2016 – Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. today announced that it is recalling approximately 16,880 Model Year 2016 Avalon and 41,630 model Year 2016 Camry sedans.

In the involved vehicles, the front passenger seat is equipped with an Occupant Classification System (OCS) which activates/deactivates the front passenger air bag system, depending on the weight of the occupant. There is a possibility that some vehicles may not have received proper OCS calibration during the vehicle manufacturing process. With the improper calibration, under some conditions, the front passenger airbag and the front passenger knee airbag may not deploy as designed in a crash, increasing the risk of an injury to a front seat passenger.

All known owners of the affected Toyota vehicles will be notified by first class mail. Toyota dealers will re-calibrate the Occupant Classification System (OCS).

Information about automotive recalls, including but not limited to the list of involved vehicles, is subject to change over time. For the most up-do-date Safety Recall information on Toyota, Lexus or Scion vehicles, customers should check their vehicle’s status by visiting and entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Safety Recall inquiry by individual VIN is also available at the NHTSA site: For any additional questions, customer support is also available by calling Toyota Customer Service at 1-800-331-4331.

Massive airbag recall could take months to notify owners, years to fix

The largest auto recall in U.S. history has affected 11 major auto companies, 34 million vehicles and dozens of models. It could take the manufacturer Takata two years to make all the replacements. So what’s an owner of one of these vehicles to do? Gwen Ifill talks to David Shepardson of The Detroit News to get insight on Takata’s plan to serve this massive recall.

How drivers can check if vehicle is affected by air bag recall

Drivers are urged to check if their vehicles are included in the largest auto recall in history. Subscribe to WCVB on YouTube now for more:

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Toyota halts U.S. sales of 8 recalled vehicle models

Toyota halts U.S. sales of 8 recalled vehicle models

Toyota thought they had the problem fixed. I know. I talked to Robert”Bob” S. Carter Group Vice President and General Manager – Toyota Division Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., at the 2009 Los Angeles auto show and we talked about the accelerator problem. I asked him what effect it had on Toyota’s image because of the accelerator problem.

Carter was honest and didn’t mince words, “That is difficult to answer (the image question). We are singularly focused to do what is right for the customer. I was fortunate enough to be on the initial launch of Lexus and we had a quality problem in the second month.”

Carter went on to explain that Toyota had thoroughly exhausted the study and had announced a solution in November, 2009. In some rare circumstances the floor mat could be 3entangled with the accelerator pedal. The repair would be to modify the accelerator pedal and get new floor mats.

In some vehicles Toyota will do a secondary stopgap with a change in software, so that if the brake and accelerator are simultaneously thrust it will reduce the power to the engine.

Carter said the repairs were supposed to start in January, and that customers were already being notified.

The Japanese automaker said the sales suspension includes the following models, the Japanese automaker said the sales suspension includes the following models:

Sticking accelerator pedal recall impacts the following Toyota Division vehicles:

Certain 2009-2010 RAV4*,
Certain 2009-2010 Corolla*,
2009-2010 Matrix,
2005-2010 Avalon,
Certain 2007-2010 Camry*,
Certain 2010 Highlander*,
2007-2010 Tundra,
2008-2010 Sequoia

*Highlander hybrids and Camry hybrids are not affected by this action and will remain for sale. Further, Camry, RAV 4, Corolla and Highlander vehicles with VINs that begin with “J” are not affected.

The floor mat interference with accelerator pedal recall impacts the following vehicles:
2007 – 2010 Camry
2005 – 2010 Avalon
2004 – 2009 Prius
2005 – 2010 Tacoma
2007 – 2010 Tundra
2008 – 2010 Highlander
2009 – 2010 Corolla
2009 – 2010 Venza
2009 – 2010 Matrix

2006 – 2010 IS 250
2006 – 2010 IS 350
2007 – 2010 ES 350

All Toyota owners are watching

Eric and Jill own a 2000 Toyota Avalon and are not concerned about their car, “We have a 150,000 miles on the car. The quality on that car is extremely good. I don’t know about the quality of today’s Toyotas. It seems like it would be hard to mess up a sticking pedal that badly.”

How big is the Toyota suspension of seven of their models?

I hear the shutdown might only last a week, but the cars being halted represent 55-65 percent of Toyota’s sales in the United States.
According to J.D. Power, the sales for 2009 for each of these vehicles were:

Toyota Avalon, 27,000
Toyota Tundra 80,000
Toyota Camry, 356,000*
Toyota Sequoia 16,000
Toyota RAV4, 150,000
Toyota Corolla, 266,000
Toyota Matrix, 30,000
Total sales 925,000**

*(there could be more Camrys, like the Camry Solara)
Total 2009 sales 10,409,000

without those sales 9,484,000

Think of sales tax

Toyota told the Associate Press that the move would affect plants in:

Huntsville, Alabama (engine)
Princeton, Indiana
Lafayette, Indiana
Georgetown, Kentucky
San Antonio, Texas
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Will these employees be idled as well?

Only the cars on this list will be affected, all other Toyotas will still be for sale. No Lexus or Scion models are affected, they are all still for sale.

Toyota makes:
Toyota 4Runner
Toyota Avalon
Toyota Camry/Camry Solara
Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry Solara
Toyota Corolla
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota Highlander
Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Matrix
Toyota Prius
Toyota RAV4
Toyota Sequoia
Toyota Sienna
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tundra
Toyota Venza
Toyota Yaris

This will put Toyota’s quality in question, and it may affect more countries and models, depending on whether the parts being changed out are being used in other models in those countries.

Toyota’s customer number is 1-800-331-4331

Presented by Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, &

Is My Toyota on the Recall List?

Toyota’s decision to recall nearly 437,000 Prius and other hybrid cars adds to an already long list of recalled vehicles. Here’s a breakdown of which models are effected. (Feb. 9)
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Reactions from dealers, owners following recall announcement

FILE Tokyo, Japan – Recent (exact date unknown)
1. Various of Silver Toyota Prius at car show in Japan
Boston, USA – 9 February, 2010
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Karl Brauer, Motoring analyst:
“Long term, Toyota is going to bounce back from this, there”s just no question. And like any stock, when, if you can buy it at the worst perceived time at any company”s history, you”re going to usually do well in the long run, and Toyota has a long history of producing high quality well engineered vehicles. There”s been quite a abrupt change in their perception and in their image in the last six months but I still think long term they”re going to be the same Toyota we”ve known for the last thirty years which has been an extremely well run company with extremely cutting edge, well engineered, high quality vehicles.”
Brooklyn, USA – 4 February, 2010
3. Various of Toyota Prius on display at a car dealership
4. Various of interior of vehicle and foot pedals
Miami, USA – 9 February, 2010
5. Wide exterior of Toyota car dealership
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Frank Marsala, Toyota dealer:
“Are concerned about our customers as, as you would imagine. Although the cars are safe and we haven”t had any customers bring them in for not stopping, Toyota has notified us that they will be sending out a software update for the car and that they are going to be doing a recall, voluntary recall from what I”m told. As soon as we get that information, we”ll contact our customers and have them come in and we”ll do the repair to the car. We”ll update their software.”
Springfield, New Jersey, USA – 9 February, 2010
7. Tight of digital dashboard of a Toyota Prius as it”s being driven
8. Set up of Toyota owner Scott Kivowitz
9. SOUNDBITE (English) Scott Kivowitz, Toyota owner:
“When I”m experiencing it is when I”m going over potholes and I have to hit the brake pretty hard. It sort of gives a bit for a, for a split second and you feel this jump of acceleration and then the brakes kick in right away. So it”s kind of scary if you didn”t ever experience it before, so my first time experiencing it did scare me.”
10. Low angle of Kivowitz getting into his car
11. Close up of Kivowitz pumping the brake pedal
12. Kivowitz starting car
Toyota dealers across the United States were preparing for the fall out on Tuesday from the company”s latest recall of about 440-thousand Prius and other hybrid vehicles worldwide.
The recall is to fix a problem with brakes, which some drivers have reported as being momentarily unresponsive in certain driving conditions.
The announcement is the latest setback in a series of embarrassing safety faults.
However the recall, the latest by the Japanese automaker, seems not to have shaken confidence with drivers or hurt sales at dealerships in the US.
“Long term, Toyota is going to bounce back from this,” motoring analyst Karl Brauer said on Tuesday.
“I still think long term they”re going to be the same Toyota we”ve known for the last thirty years which has been an extremely well run company with extremely cutting edge, well engineered, high quality vehicles” he said.
With the Prius announcement, the number of vehicles recalled globally by Toyota Motor Corporation has ballooned to 8.5 (m) million, including for floor mats which can trap acceleration pedals and faulty acceleration pedals that are slow to return to the idle position.
The latest recall regarding the brakes relates to the 2010 Prius gas-electric hybrid – the world”s top-selling hybrid car, which had not been subject to any of the earlier recalls.
There have been about 200 complaints in Japan and the US about a delay when the brakes in the Prius were pressed in cold conditions and on some bumpy roads.

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Kia recalls over 419,000 SUVs to fix shift lever problem

Kia recalls over 419,000 SUVs to fix shift lever problem

DETROIT (AP) — Kia will recall more than 419,000 SUVs in the U.S. and Canada because the transmission can be shifted out of park when the driver’s foot isn’t on the brake, a violation of safety laws. The recall covers Sorentos from the 2011 through 2013 model years. The cars can roll away unexpectedly and cause a crash, Kia says in documents posted Thursday by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The problem happens when the gear shift lever is pushed too hard, causing a part in the shift mechanism to crack. It has caused three injuries. Kia says it began investigating the trouble in August when it got a letter from a lawyer saying that a child moved a Sorento shift lever out of park and the SUV rolled in a parking lot. The child’s father stood in front of the SUV and was joined by his son. The son got between the Sorento and a stopped vehicle and suffered a broken leg, according to the documents. Kia then began investigating and found 54 warranty claims. It decided to recall the SUVs on Sept. 28. Dealers will replace the brake-shift interlock mechanism with improved parts. Owners will be notified starting Nov. 24. Kia said owners should always apply the parking brake firmly and make sure the shift lever is securely in park before leaving the vehicles. 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!
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Car Concerns Radio USA! Takata Air-Bags (part 1 of 4, made with Spreaker)


Federal safety regulators, growing increasingly frantic, warned Wednesday that at least 7.78 million vehicles were equipped with dangerous Takata air bags which are blamed for killing two people. Federal prosecutors reportedly launched an inquiry into the company’s actions.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notified owners “with urgency” to get their previously recalled cars, which include vehicles from 10 makers, fixed at once as a matter “essential to personal safety.”

It’s not a new recall, but a plea for people with recalled cars to get them fixed now, as the air bags are an immediate threat to front-seat passengers safety.

Toyota and General Motors are taking the added step of sending overnight letters to owners of recalled models warning them not to let passengers sit in the front seats.

The new warning, as well as the underlying recalls dating to 2008, applies mainly to cars sold or ever registered in areas with high humidity, such as Florida and Puerto Rico. However, Consumers Union, advocacy unit of Consumer Reports, said Wednesday that it believes “the dangers could be far broader” than just humid locations. It said data show 100 injuries.

At least two deaths are blamed on the defect, reported years ago by Honda. Two more are suspected but not confirmed. Consumers Union says it believes all four deaths are linked.

The Takata bags involved mostly are on older vehicles, some of which have been on the road since 2000. When the defective bags inflate in a crash they can tear loose from their brackets, blowing pieces of their housings—shrapnel, in effect—at the faces and chests of occupants. The propellant for the bags was improperly handled during manufacture, and the danger is amplified by humidity.

The Takata bag defect has caused recalls of some 16 million vehicles worldwide.

NHTSA said it has an ongoing investigation into the bags.

Federal prosecutors also are looking into whether Takata was misleading about safety, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the matter.” USA TODAY could not independently confirm that.

Owners have been lax about the repairs. GM, for example, says that only about 10% of affected vehicles have been brought in.

It’s good to see Takata’s defective air bag issue finally getting the attention it deserves with so many vehicles being recalled. It will take years to address the danger, and there will be far too many consumers that ignore the recall.

Harry tells you which vehicles from the various auto manufactures are affected. If your present vehicle was mentioned it is of urgent importance that you stop driving the vehicle and cal your selling dealer and have them pick the vehicle up for the fix.

Demand a loaner car.

Report to Car Concerns Radio USA! Call USA TOLL-FREE: 1-855-CAR-CONCERNS or shoot an email to:
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Virtual Service Center – Does my vehicle have a factory recall?

Automotive recalls are in the news everyday. You might be concerned if your vehicle has a factory recall or a safety concern. So what is the easiest way for you to identify if your vehicle has a recall on it? Our Fixed Operations Director Joe Schlueter explains.

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept Preview | Autoblog Minute

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