2016 Mazda MX-5 Cup Car Review

Mazda shows us how little it takes to transform the MX-5 into a shockingly fast race car.

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  1. Akeem Perez says:

    nice go kart

  2. 93455Driver says:

    Wow, not seen Dave Pratt in an autoguide video for ages, thought he was busy with speeed academy vids.

  3. Croc says:

    Good car. Terrible host…

  4. Genesis Jaylo says:


  5. Fidel Castro says:

    Get rid of this guy I want Craig cole

  6. David T. says:

    Either stop lisping or get a new job. It's extremely unprofessional.

  7. cadsux says:

    If someone really wanted to spend that much on an MX-5, just get one of those "Monster Miatas", which are thoroughly modified to handle the GM or Ford sourced V8s under the hood. All I see here is an additional $25,000 for roll cage, brake, tires and paint/label job.

  8. Christopher Walken says:

    Glad to see this has become the Mazda channel…… not.

  9. Richard Perkins says:

    The car has eyeshadow…. This does nothing to improve on the image and reputation of a fantastic sports car.

  10. Carlos Ochoa says:

    nice review thanks man for the price I rather go with hellcat or gt 350 r

  11. Sergio Marron says:

    Thanks for Cool review; Childish A holes will continue to complain about your lisping. Also Mazda $53k and similar power to road car….NOT sure I could buy it when Mustang GT 350 is comparably priced.

  12. Alex Johnson says:

    Is this street legal?

  13. Yuichi Tamaki says:

    i cannot listen to him…

  14. Gregory Gonsowski says:

    the G meter in the video is upside down. It keeps reporting the opposite direction.

  15. ZenZory Overload says:

    goofy like you…..