Toyota’s Biggest U.S. Recall

Toyota Motors plans its biggest U.S. recall because of a defect that may cause floor mats to put down the accelerator pedals on vehicles. (The Trade)
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  1. sokhoms says:

    This is not a floor mat issue everybody. It is a design of a gas padel that is too closed to the floor and a computer malfunction on an electronic accelator and if the both accelerator padel was pushed,a brake padel won't work. Very stupid design.

  2. y2kxj says:

    stuck throttle??? um turn off the damm key or shift it into nutral… ummm its not that diffucult.. duhhhh stupid

  3. JcmMagNoo says:

    the stupidest thing about the floormat issue is that the floormats are made in the usa. but at least you can do this for free.

  4. iNNoCeNttDReAMs says:

    worst comment ever.

  5. ImTheSaxMan says:

    Here are the affected cars according to toyota:
    2007 2010 Camry
    • 2005 2010 Avalon
    • 2004 2009 Prius
    • 2005 2010 Tacoma
    • 2007 2010 Tundra

  6. 390merc65 says:

    who would ever of thought this could happen to toyota…..the best thing is for toyota to get out of this country …nothing would make me happier then if toyota would fail…DOWN WITH TOYOTA

  7. supreme2005 says:

    I can't believe that Toyota engineers couldn't see this problem. Don't they use hooks that attach the floormat to the floor? I learned about this problem in my high school auto shop class when I was 16!