News: There Is A Campaign To Impeach Trump And It’s Moving Ahead Swiftly

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Professor who called Trump election now predicts impeachment

American University professor Allan Lichtman has a system of predicting U.S. presidential election winners that accurately foresaw Donald Trump’s victory. He joins CBSN to explain his prediction, and why he now thinks it’s likely Trump will be impeached.
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  1. gidget red says:

    Go TRUMINATOR! Ignore the Libtards!!! Fair market value is all he's getting from foreign interest and Hillary took millions from Saudi Arabia. KEEP DREAMING IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPENING!!

  2. phyllis740 says:

    How many times were they impeaching Obama?? By the way, it never happens There's a rumor they might do this to get the VP who they wanted anyway.

  3. Nkosi Yafeu says:

    My people let these white people fight it out among themselves. There's a battle between Business (Trump) and Greed ( the criminals on Capital Hill).

  4. btg73 says:

    Impeach the dirty dog trump

  5. overthehills_faraway says:

    This channel and video has the most ignorant comments I have ever witnessed…. wonder why.

  6. xMxH says:

    Do people not understand that impeaching trump does not mean Hilary becomes president lol Impeaching Trump will literally change nothing in fact it will make things worse. Mike Pence would be way worse than Trump which I think is why Trump chose him. Put someone under you worse than yourself and no one will want to impeach you lol

  7. Helen Lovell says:

    I am eager to join any impeachment group I can find.  That man is crazy.

  8. Google User says:


  9. EPSTomcat11 says:

    His DAPL investment is grounds for it, just to name one thing

  10. James Lotz says:

    I think the Republicans were going to impeach Obama before he began his presidency also. Not gonna happen.

  11. ~SeamlessKarma~ says:

    I'll take trump over pence but then again i voted for jill stein………

  12. C Whiting says:

    Before he has a chance to do anything, bad or good, lets impeach him. lol

  13. INTJ83 says:

    Democrats are scared that if Trump does good they would lose their cause for existence.

  14. Release_da_beast says:

    Impeach Trump, then what; PENCE- good luck!!!!

  15. Sirius z says:

    …………….i would ask black people in the USA not to sign on to any petition to impeach Trump for any political party until that party commit fully to black reparations

  16. Radio Driver says:

    These people need to wait for Trump to do something that angers most of the nation before they bring up impeachment.

  17. TRexTurtle says:

    So the justification for impeachment according to them is that he has real estate assets that generate income from foreign countries. So, by that same logic, how was it acceptable for Hillary to be receiving tens of millions from foreign countries for her "charity"? The Clinton foundation is already closing down because the foreign "donations" dried up when she lost the presidency. Her not being in a position to sell favors probably had something to do with that.

  18. Jorge Mejia says:

    Lets see here….video published on November 17, 2016….. its now late January 2017 into first week of Trump's Presidency…… Massive protests in major airports on the 7 country Muslim ban due to his Executive Order…… obamacare repelled….. people who voted for Trump realizing that the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same thing……… so far so good towards that Impeachment.

  19. Rosyid Wahyudi says:

    when Trump impeached lot of the supporter will say 'whoops he goes'

  20. Estrogen Fury says:

    basically what he saying is he's really good at guessing. However he's been wrong several times before.

  21. Fit n Fab says:

    Melania is a victim and is abused by trump. emotional abuse

  22. ESDfilms says:

    Mike Pence will be worse

  23. aditya thakur says:

    Allan is so right!

  24. aditya thakur says:

    Allan is so right!

  25. Zaddy says:

    He is getting impeached and removed.

  26. Jessie Riveraa says:

    F A K E N E W S

  27. Lebenskraft says:

    More CBS Lewftwing Hollywood Lying Media! Nobody is watching you!

  28. Vernon Simon says:

    Look in the mirror, when you pick one of two evils your evil yourself, this is how Hitler came to power ! Wake up!

  29. dogleg 1957 says:

    how do you really spell rat/_<>! Pence! is Donald Trump's insurance policy you do not I repeat do not want this man as president

  30. dogleg 1957 says:

    it's going to be tough to impeach Trump even though his ideology is not like by the left. if the unions get more members and align themselves with Trump you'll never get them out. all depends on how many jobs he brings.

  31. Just Saying says:

    Trump is an ass hole. So are the people who voted for him. I say they all get impeached and sent back in time to 1941, see how much they ACTUALLY like fascism and bigotry.

  32. Llort a Ton says:

    This smelly professor poops on fat vaginas and eats it out.

  33. Keith Turner says:

    Trump is throwing America away. Trump supporters. You've been played. Wow. Blackmailed by Putin (Putin threw himself an alley oop), and probably is cooperating to save his own ass at the expense of American citizens. He is taking America to hell on a rocket ship. He will go down in history as the symbolic death of White Supremacy in our universe.

  34. Anabel Godinez says:

    From your mouth to Gods ears.

  35. Usernamee101 says:

    Hope this professor's prediction is correct.