Professor who predicted Trump’s victory says impeachment is next

Professor who predicted Trump's victory says impeachment is next

The American University professor who predicted President Trump’s 2016 election win has a new prediction: Mr. Trump will be impeached. Allan Lichtman joined “Red & Blue” to break down the history behind his latest forecast, and what Trump could do to change his mind.

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Allan J  Lichtman,

One of the most searched phrases on the Internet today is “Impeach Trump.” How realistic is this possibility? Lichtman, Distinguished Professor of History at American University, believes that Trump’s impeachment isn’t a matter of if but when, and his new book details how it might work. First, he looks at President Trump’s particular vulnerabilities, including his dealings with Russia, his conflicts of interest at home and abroad, and numerous civil suits surrounding his actions. Lichtman puts these into historical context with detailed presentations of previous presidential impeachments, including Congress’s 1868 action against President Andrew Johnson, debates about sanctioning Nixon, and the hearings into President Clinton’s behavior.

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  1. Marcia Bastos says:

    What are we waiting for? He just slapped the heck out of every American on the face with those Russians on the Oval Office and on top of that he banded the American media and photographs in exchange for the Russians, pictures taken in front of the my Flag. He's mentally ill and should not be in the W.H.

  2. Michael Sinclair says:

    They need to look into Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for a Russian Bread crumb trail. Since 1992, and I've confirmed it over and over again, those three states went blue in every election and now 2016 gets here. They go red for Trump. They never went red for Romney, McCain, or Bush and they're less of a problem than Trump. Why would they go for someone worse than who they voted against in the past? Registered Voters came out of the polls saying how their selection went from Clinton to Trump automatically. Saw a report going into details on how easy it is to hack those machines. And let's not forget how the Russians hacked into the DNC email server. The Russians manipulated our election to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Paul Manafort received money from them. Mike Flynn received money from them and lied about it to the Vice President. Attorney General Sessions recused himself after it came out he was talking to a Russian Official not long after he took the job. Rex Tillerson received the friendship Medal from Putin and was seen shaking hands with him. Trump fired the FBI Director and had no problem saying it was because of the Russian investigation and a couple of days after it's rumored that he had a little show and tell session with the Russian Foreign Ministers only a couple of days after he fired Comey. That's not just a smoking gun. It's a smoking Automatic Assault rifle with the tip of the barrel glowing red. This Country is in for some shit.

  3. Wladimier Klitschko says:

    I remember Lichtmann was neutral back time. All of a sudden he goes against Trump's policy. Totally not paid by some big lobbyists….

  4. Dai Lee says:

    Their plan is to let Trump go back to his thug life, as soon as he makes the amount of money that he predicted. Pence who is just as dishonest as Trump takes over. they've been trying to put Lyin Ryan up there for a while now, that would be just perfect for those people called Senators and Congress people.

  5. whatzup says:

    I predict that Clinton will be in jail soon and that a lot more Jewish graves will be desecrated. Not that I think its right! But shit happens.

  6. David Farrar says:

    Nonsense! What you saw there is leadership. Finally, a president talking straight to the American people. Until there is some evidence the Russian collusion investigation has been affected by Comey's firing, they got nothing and they know it.

  7. Von Dutch says:

    Corporate propaganda media

  8. URSS-CEI says:

    i also predicted Trump's win motherfuckers

  9. NoctisCrystallisXV says:

    I cannot wait trump supporter will have powerful meltdown if he get impeach. #Resist #ImpeachTrump Thank you Professor!

  10. just me says:

    you guys need to hurry up and get that piece of shit out of there

  11. Barrack Obama says:

    Come my snowflake army, we must impeach Trump!!!

  12. Barrack Obama says:

    Lol dumbasses

  13. John Prince says:

    So basically this professor is saying that Trump better fulfill the globalist oneworld order agenda or else… BTW, Trump has backed down on everything he said and it looks more and more each day like he is just another globalist shill. Ron Paul should be the one removed.

  14. Amy Bates says:

    NOT TO ME. I think Hillary is a biggest liar

  15. Joey Feep says:

    impeach this child monster as soon as possible. "tiny hands" little donnie drumpf must GO

  16. norman edwards says:

    @ my eyes👀have seen the corruption and the lies that he has told!! may he see the error of his 👿 evil ways

  17. Eish Balu says:

    Trump is very fat

  18. vova47 says:

    Professor is making a prediction based on his emotions. This is wishful thinking on his part. His first prediction about Trump victory was based on cold impartial calculation, that's why it was believable. Not so with this one, IMO.

  19. ilario valdez says:


  20. Gerald Malone says:

    Make this guy PRESIDENT instead….

  21. Rob Allen says:

    Can't this guy learn to modulate his voice from screaming at the top of his lungs and speaking in a normal tune, it makes him intolerable to listen to.

  22. t.f. hill says:


  23. Darryl Harty says:


  24. Heru- deshet says:

    "The case for impeachment" On what, a fairy tale?

  25. briandecree says:

    Autoplay lead me here… please remove 1 'view' from your counter.  This is absolute crap, it should read "An attempt at impeachment"  there is no case made in this video, just wanking and ranting.

  26. Mike Stewart says:

    Penchant for falsehood? Sounds polite to me.

  27. Roedy Green says:

    I think was Nixon was nailed more than anything else for saying "expletive deleted". It conflicted so strongly with his phony Quaker public personality. Instantly he was perceived as phony and rotten to the core.

    This won't work for Falstaff-Trump. People expect him to say "pussy grabbing" and to be obscenely oafish, gluttonous, selfish and uncaring. He has gradually inoculated us to accept his degeneracy.

  28. Jim Tanner says:

    O , Give Us Break ,
    Donna Brazil's !

  29. exluvah says:

    Impeach Trump!

  30. allrawpaul says:

    PROfessional Russian trolls are swarming to comment on this and other sites.   Putin sees trump slipping into inevitable impeachment and his response is flood the internet with fake news and prolific trolls to try to rescue trump from the universal hatred he now enjoys.  Drone strike Putin , enemy of amerika, enemy of humanity.

  31. Joey Feep says:

    IMPEACH "little" donnie "bone spurs" drumpf NOW< NOW< NOW

  32. Barb Schoolcraft says:

    You fanatic little libtards! Get a clue! We the American people elected President Trump and there will NEVER be an impeachment against him! You, however, will fall into your own traps!!!

  33. Linda Casey says:

    Interesting … is there any incident (like the Russian hacking) in which the election could be considered null and void? Would Hillary then become the lawful president? What about holding a new election? Do you think that there should be term limits for all parties and should the electoral college be eliminated?

  34. marty mart says:

    glen greenwald would not agree with this guy analysis about trump and russia

  35. Trish Mac says:

    Pres Trump is unpredictable therefore undefeatable.

  36. j jay says:

    Where was this guy when obam,a was killing children with drones ,US citizens that is pretty impeachable asshole

  37. doug thompson says:

    Donald Trump is one ugly man. This ugliness is an offense to society. A violent offense. I am so psychologically disturbed by looking at his ugly ass face on t.v. and magazine covers. A damaged society will result if he is allowed to show his face anywhere.

  38. cherrish roseberry-cornell says:

    if people die unnecessarily for the wealthiest people to rewrite tax law commit fraud raqueteering and launder money, while taking from the people who are the most vulnerable like the sick, disabled, women, children, poor ECT and the lose life, health,education, and the ability to survive I believe that it is a domestic enemy committing crimes against humanity and unlike you I believe that Pence led the transition team and therefore most likely is involved and is equally dangerous possibly more because he is soft spoken well versed and uses religion to spin lies at any rate complicit and the entire admin needs to go and are here on false pretenses. They are here to take democracy down and embezzle as much money as possible in the process.

  39. Nashville Gardener says:

    This is much ado about nothing!   There is absolutely NO evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians.  This is a false narrative created by the delusional Democrats!   Donald Trump will NEVER be impeached regardless of what Alan Lichtman toots!

  40. Jim Tanner says:

    Thank You For
    Your Thoughtful Input
    !!! KLAUS BARBIE !!!