Wellesley grads erupt in cheers when Hillary Clinton cites Nixon’s impeachment to bash Trump

Wellesley grads erupt in cheers when Hillary Clinton cites Nixon’s impeachment to bash Trump


  1. John Lennon Jr says:

    Her husband was impeached! Not Nixon

  2. Anthony Lenzo says:

    hillary Go AWAY !

  3. Zakk Wylde says:

    How these people worship this corrupt lying ragged old hag is beyond comprehension…

  4. Frank Ernesto says:

    Run for office so we can vote against you again, it feels so good.

  5. Asasin says:

    Finally found a woman less funny than Amy Schumer.

  6. Jon Foster says:

    How can anyone listen to, much less look at this FELON?
    Nixon wasn't impeached you idiot. He resigned.
    02:20 "We didn't trust government." And she made that worse… SCANDALS, IMPEACHMENT AND CORRUPTION.
    If not for the earrings, I'd have thought that was the creepiest old man in a gown.

  7. Ben Lee says:

    she's doing okay because of all the money she scammed.

  8. Ed Dursky says:

    The ole leftist hag coughed up another lung during this speech (somehow left out of this clip). Dummycrats are out of power in most states and D.C. and are still hanging their hats on this POS and the EVEN OLDER Commie Bernie – God, I LOVE it! (Better fire-up the old indian wannabe,)

  9. Bobo C says:

    Bullshit Hillary, you put millions out of work with free trade deals that favored Walmart, whose board you served on, you created intolerant laws that led to the incarceration of thousands of minorities and supported the for-profit prison system, the list goes on. You lost to the worst president in US history because you're dishonest, self interested and out of touch.

  10. buttsworth says:

    Hey guys sorry my utterly pisspoor strategies for pursuing a job I believed I was entitled to (for no particular good reason) put a bloated orange abomination in charge of the country. I mean, maybe my unwavering dedication to the absolute certainty that I was Entitled to my Turn was not in fact so obviously an ultimate truth that everyone would just also bow down under the weight of said truth as my army of yes men and you go girl women had led me to believe with their convincing demonstrations. I guess in hindsight, I should have actually questioned whether enough people would just accept that truth. Not so far as to question whether that was indeed a truth itself, since it was and all. And certainly not ask myself whether I really even was the best candidate we could have put up against an apocalyptic orange doomsday scenario…I mean, I already asked myself that once, and the answer was a resounding YES from Chelsey's own mouth. So maybe I should take some of the blame for this. All of the blame, in fact. All the blame but for Comey and the Russians and wikileeks and all the real reasons I was betrayed and stolen from. I accept that blame. Whatever scraps are left, I accept those 100%.

    Hey but every cloud has an orange lining, right! I heard things aren't going well for my opponent (and therefore the whole country), so I can totally redeem myself simply by handing out these sick burns. Aren't these burns sick? Isn't it great that I can be myself so hugely responsible for the yuge orange abomination that is slowly ripping our country asunder, and the resulting injuries our country won't recover from for generations, yet I can brush all that aside and still make some "I told you so" style sick burns. If I do this enough, I am 100% sure all non deplorable people will remember me as the voice of reason and a voice that tragically went unheard, and not the one person specifically who maybe most helped cause the whole mess by refusing to hear people tell me so. A really good thing, because if I hadn't found this way around it, I'd be getting "I told you so" burns so sick from my own fellow leftists that would leave me too ashamed to ever show my face in public again. If I had the capacity for shame, at least.

  11. sandy ernst says:

    Nixon was never impeached Hillary you dipshit.

  12. Last Chance says:

    3:13 The never ending hypocrisy of Liberals, I guess you've forgotten Hillary about your husbands impeachment for obstruction of justice!

  13. 2016 2017 says:

    Hillary cheated and rigged the 2016 primaries against Bernie. Election
    fraud is a crime. Check out election fraud on Wikipedia and while your
    there check out the NDI.

  14. Kirt Cortez says:

    there have only been two Presidents impeached… Not one of them were Nixon… Both were Democrats… and one was her husband, But who cares about facts,

  15. David Zuchniak says:

    laugh it up hillary laugh it up

  16. immobilien says:

    Corruption, obstruction of justice, fraudulent charity, perjury-just a few of her accomplishments.

  17. Yourwayisnotmyway says:

    Now she admits FAKE NEWS. HAHAHA. MORON

  18. Yourwayisnotmyway says:

    Nobody likes you. Go away before you get convicted for your crimes against the USA

  19. Chauna Sims says:

    Why do you continue to place all your ills and mistakes on somebody else. Why not own them and move on to the next phase in your life. I hope you never are able to place your hat in the ring for the President of the United States. You are a disgrace to the public eye. You want all the people to forget all the lies, murders, classified emails, in regards to the Bengazhi affair. I hope Trey Gowdy takes the position as FBI Director, and you won't even get the opportunity to run for any office. Try again, Hillary Clinton . You are a poor excuse for any office of government.

  20. Yourwayisnotmyway says:

    She's doing OK until her treason case is reopened by the FBI. now that the guy that let her off is dust… bye Comey…